Stick to these 15 lifelong habits and make you different from the past!

Since childhood our parents and teachers will tell us: to develop good habits, and so we grow up, but also from life to understand the magic power of good habits. In fact, up to 90 per cent of our daily behaviour is dictated by habit.

Stick to these 15 good habits and you will benefit for the rest of your life.

Stick to these 20 good habits and you will benefit for the rest of your life.

Good habits in life

1.  Stick to flossing. 

Most friends will probably keep the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day, but usually brush teeth can not clean out the plaque inside the teeth, it must be used dental floss. I usually use it after dinner every day. Flossing is better for oral health than picking teeth with a toothpick.

2. Apply sunscreen all the year round.

Sunscreen is a skin-care step that every girl will care about. In order not to get tanned, you should stick to it all year round, whether it’s rainy or sunny. I’ll choose the sunscreen that suits my skin, and don’t leave it behind.

3. Record your life with photos.

I prefer to record some pictures in the form of photos and upload them to my album. In this way, every once in a while to review, there will be a different feeling. Time for a long time will become their own very precious memories.

4. Take a lunch break every day.

Every day after lunch, I will lie down on the table to rest for a period of time, so that the attention of the afternoon work will be more focused, on the contrary, the afternoon work is more tired.

5. Drink a glass of water after skin care at night.

In fact, moisturizing is not only in the skin surface, but also in the body, after each skin care I will deliberately drink a glass of water, increase the body water intake, the benefits to the skin is also obvious.

Good work habits

1. Keep a to-do list for the next day in advance.

My habit is to write down in excel every day what needs to be done the next day, and then work the next day with a clear goal, based on a list from the night before, so I can be very productive.

2. Learn more from the excellent people in some industries.

Because I am engaged in the content industry, so often need to see a lot of videos and articles, found that the industry will have a lot of excellent article writers or video producers. Their typography, photo retouching, and video creation are very powerful, and we can learn from the good people around us and from the Internet, and learn from what others have done better. It will be of great help to my own improvement.

3. Take notes at any time.

I usually see good videos and articles will be stored, recorded in the phone or book, and then weekly review and collection of their own collection of valuable content, more thinking summary.

4. Tomato working method.

Work time as far as possible divided into 30 minutes, each work 25 minutes, rest 5 minutes, tomato work method know a lot of people, but can insist on not many people, such a way to improve work efficiency is very helpful.

Healthy habits

1. Keep exercising.

A certain amount of exercise every day can maintain a good state of health and prevent lack of energy. The benefits of exercise don’t need to be explained too much. Even a simple walk can bring a lot of health benefits.

2. Insist on cooking a meal by yourself every day.

Make a meal for yourself every day, you can not only eat nutritious delicious food, but also make your mood better.

3. Eating healthily.

A balanced diet is a necessary condition for good health. The human diet contains seven major nutrients, namely carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, fiber, vitamins and water.

The intake of these seven nutrients must be balanced, otherwise it will cause physical discomfort, lead to overweight or obesity, malnutrition, or various diseases caused by the lack of a particular mineral or vitamin.

4. Arrange the sleeping and sleeping time reasonably.

Sleep instability can lead to many health problems, leaving you with no energy to work the next day. If you set a good time for sleep each day, the time to sleep is good, and good sleeping habits are formed, and your spirit will gradually improve every day. Work efficiency is also more and more high.

5. Record your daily exercise, diet and sleep.

It’s a habit that doesn’t seem to work, but it can help you better observe your sleep and eating habits and help you improve your sleep and diet.

6. Drink enough water every day.

The amount of liquid your body takes in through the mouth should be about 2L a day. Stay away from drinks until you reach the limit. Water is the prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of life, lack of water will lead to a large number of diseases and discomfort, and ensure sufficient water intake, not only can maintain health, but also make the skin more beautiful;

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