Why do people with autism have amazing “superpowers”?

Have you ever heard of savant syndrome? It refers to a person who has cognitive impairment, but in a certain aspect, such as an art or an academic, has extraordinary abilities.

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Is it possible to acquire some special talent for autism?

Why do people with autism have amazing “superpowers”?

Which is the main cause of autism, nature or nurture?

So far, we don’t know exactly what causes autism, but we do know that genetic factors play a very important role, particularly the so-called genes.

But so far, we can’t explain everything with genes.

At present, it is still believed that it has obvious genetic predisposition, and it is related to the variation of some genes and the mutation of genes.

Perhaps is such a kind of genetic susceptibility, coupled with some unknown, especially some factors of prenatal pregnancy combination together, affected the expression of these genes, affects the substance similar to the proteins inside our cells, as well as some molecular mechanism, thus making the neural development in the early affected, led to a child’s neurodevelopment different, is not the same as general children, that may be a cause.

A precise environmental factor has not been found so far.

But we know that if parents are very old when they get pregnant, especially fathers are very old, there is a relationship with autism. In addition, the prevalence rate of autism in men is much higher than in women, with a ratio of about four to one.

Although the cause is not clear, it is known to have little to do with vaccines, pollution, antibiotics and inflammation.

It can be biological, it can be genetic, it can be environmental, it can be environmental, it can be environmental, it can be environmental, it’s not clear what environmental factors are, the cause of autism is a major issue in science.

Is it scientific to say that autistic people have special talents?

Most of the children we used to know about with autism or with autism, we even thought that they needed to be cared for all their lives, and that they were not capable of living, studying and working independently all their lives.

About 5-10% of children with autism have special abilities such as piano playing, painting, and mechanical memory, which we call the savant syndrome.

They can be strong in some ways and weak in others.

They may have poor self-care ability and communication ability, but they can draw a good picture, or they can have a good memory, or they can play a wonderful music, or even some children can make a good song, then we will think they are suffering from “scholar syndrome”.

To better our understanding of autism in recent years, especially in light of the level of the diagnosis of autism, at present in the entire crowd was diagnosed with autism, already has more than 50% of the children is mild autism, there is a special talent in mild autism is much higher than the number of we see in the normal development of children.

So whether it’s 10 percent, 15 percent or 20 percent, we don’t have a good figure yet, but there are a lot of people who don’t have special abilities.

Particularly among those with mild autism, the percentage of children with “special abilities” was higher, or, to put it another way, there were many, many people with talent potential.

And what we found is that most children with autism are either very sensitive to hearing, or very sensitive to vision, or very sensitive to touch, or some other kind of feeling, and the likelihood of having a particular ability is higher.

If we can take a good look at this phenomenon and take advantage of it, in the future, not only will the social disorder of autism be improved, but also the special thinking ability brought by his special feelings may make an important contribution to society.

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