Why does heat stroke kill people?

Heat stroke is a common symptom in summer. It is more likely to occur in high temperature and high humidity environment. People who are light may have symptoms of dizziness, weakness, vomiting, etc., while people who are heavy may have symptoms of heat spasm, heat syncope, heat exhaustion and heat shock.

Therefore, heat stroke must not be taken lightly.

Why does heat stroke kill people?

Why does heat stroke kill people?

Sunstroke in the dead is due to the high temperature causes the body dysfunction, which causes the central function of the human body, eventually leading to multiple organ failure and death.

Normal body temperature fluctuates within a narrow range, and the cells that make up the body can only survive and function at about 37 degrees. When the high temperature lasts above 42 degrees, there will be protein degeneration, functional inactivation and even cell necrosis.

For example, nerve cell dysfunction or death can lead to brain edema, increased intracranial pressure, stroke, etc., which can lead to consciousness disorders and even coma until death. Cardiomyocytes also have dysfunction or death, leading to heart failure and circulatory failure, which neither guarantee the blood supply to organ tissues, but also reduce the ability to dissipate heat by promoting blood flow, making it more difficult for the body to dissipate heat.

Disease involves liver, can appear transaminase elevates, jaundice, till liver function failure; Involving the kidney, combined with reduced blood volume and circulatory failure, acute renal failure can occur; Muscle involvement, combined with pressure damage to the fixed part of the muscle caused by disturbance of consciousness, leads to muscle necrosis (rhabdomyolysis syndrome), which in turn leads to kidney function damage, electrolyte disturbance, acidosis, and so on.

It’s all because of heat dissipation, beyond the body’s thermostat range, that there are serious consequences. All the above organ failure, electrolyte abnormality, acidosis and so on, affect each other, and the vicious circle may put life at risk.

Therefore, the core principle of heat stroke treatment is rapid cooling.

What about heatstroke?

Heat stroke is easy to occur in high temperature and humidity environment. Heat stroke is also easy to occur in high intensity exercise, competition and labor. The elderly, children, and the infirm are also more likely to suffer heatstroke without intensive activities. In summer, some women wear too much clothes or cover the bed, heat stroke is also easy.

Occurrence heatstroke, should get rid of high temperature quickly, high wet, insolate environment, to shade cool place, ventilated place static lie, avoid high intensity motion and heavy physical labor, conditional should put the patient in air conditioning environment, strive to get rid of clothings to help heat away. Those who are conscious can supplement salt-containing cool drinks in time, such as light salt water, cold watermelon water, green bean soup, etc. Those who are light can recover after the above treatment, and those who are heavy need to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Heatstroke hyperthermia should rapidly reduce the core temperature (to measure the anus temperature or the ear temperature), strive to reduce the core temperature below 39 degrees in about half an hour, and pay attention to vital signs, mental changes and various organ function conditions, and early detection and treatment of complications. The doctor will draw blood to examine a variety of physiological indicators, as well as to conduct imaging examinations such as head CT, with the purpose of early detection, early intervention and early containment of further development of organ dysfunction.

Cool more than physical cooling measures, such as body (except the head) in 4 ℃ water cooling, but this kind of cold water will make conscious person feel very uncomfortable, also want to avoid the body temperature drop too low; Or remove clothing, sprinkle with warm water, and use a fan blower to enhance evaporation cooling. These two methods are currently the most effective.

It should be noted that the high heat of heatstroke does not equate to inflammation, so commonly used antipyretic drugs (such as aspirin, acetaminophen, etc.) are not recommended. Also, alcohol wipes are not recommended.

How to prevent heat stroke?

Heat stroke in high temperature is mainly prevented. For example, improve working conditions of high temperature and high humidity, strengthen cooling measures such as thermal insulation, ventilation and shading, and pay attention to shading when going out; Drink plenty of salty cool drinks instead of rehydrating when thirsty. Pay attention to diet and rest, lack of rest, fatigue and hunger conditions are also prone to heat stroke; Use air conditioning to cool down, or drop body temperature several times to the air conditioning environment. Even if the air conditioning environment remains stagnant for a short time, the occurrence of heat shock will be greatly reduced, especially for the elderly, children, infirm and other groups with poor body adjustment ability.

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