High myopia cannot blood donation really?

The annual free blood donation activities in colleges and universities began again. Roommates are talking excitedly about signing up together. Only my roommates in the upper bunk are silent.

Ask below, just know she is high myopia, do not accord with donating blood condition. It turned out that in addition to illness, to period and other factors, high myopia can not donate blood.

High myopia cannot blood donation really?

High myopia is prone to fundus changes.

In eyeball colorless transparent globular body is called vitreous body, it forms the main body of eyeball, bearing refraction effect. The retina clings to the vitreous and acts as a light sensor. There is a rich vascular membrane outside the retina, called the choroid, which plays a major role in nourishing the retina.

Refraction occurs when light enters the eye from the air. Normally, parallel light is focused on the retina and clearly imaged after refractive action by the eye. When myopia, eyeball increases, anteroposterior diameter grows, elongate for ellipse from globular. In this case, the diopter of the eye naturally changes, and the focus of the light falls before the retina, blurring the vision.

High myopia is the development of myopia to a certain degree of severity, equivalent to 600 degrees of myopia and above, and this may cause retinal, choroidal and vitreous changes are fundus changes.

As the eyeball deforms, the retina and choroid are elongated and thinned, and correspondingly the blood vessels on the retina and choroid become thinner. At the same time, the volume of the vitreous body continues to expand, so that the glue-like vitreous produced a water capsule, called “vitreous liquefaction.” Vitreous liquefaction person often can appear the symptom of flying mosquito disease, namely often can feel in front have black shadow to flutter or have mosquito to fly in front of.

The higher the degree of deformation of the eyeball, the more severe myopia, fundus changes are more obvious, but due to individual differences, not all high myopia has obvious changes in the fundus, there are obvious changes in the fundus of people may not be high myopia. Therefore, whether changes in the fundus can not be accurately judged according to the degree of myopia, we must go to the hospital for fundus examination.

Why does the person of eyeground change donate blood to have danger?

Blood pressure fluctuates slightly during blood donation.

For fundus changes in which retinal and choroidal blood vessels are particularly thin, a slight fluctuation in blood pressure can cause vasospasm in the fundus, causing holes in the frail retina that has been stretched.

At this point, the liquefied vitreous can enter under the retina through the hole, causing the layer closest to the vitreous to detach out, as if the epidermis separated from the dermis after the skin had blistered, that is to say, causing the retina to fall off. This can seriously affect the eyesight of blood donors.

When retinal detachment occurs, cloud-like shadows will appear in the field of vision, and with the increase of retinal detachment area, vision will gradually decline to only photosensitivity or complete loss of vision.

What are the taboos of high myopia person?

High myopia prone to fundus changes, so in daily life must pay attention to work, as far as possible to avoid violent movement, impact and a series of changes in blood pressure caused by the occurrence.

First of all, the daily life should avoid heavy physical labor, head violent shaking, overwork and so on. Once there is a black shadow shaking, flash, blurred vision and other symptoms, need to see a doctor in time. In addition, the fundus examination should be carried out every six months.

Second, to avoid more violent sports, such as diving, bungee jumping, boxing and so on, in other sports should also protect the head and eyes from being hit. People with high myopia should also try to avoid more exciting games in the playground, such as roller coasters.

Finally, people with high myopia should check the fundus of their eyes to see if they are allowed to give birth when they give birth. If you can have a natural birth, avoid overuse of abdominal pressure during labor.

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