What? It turns out the heart doesn’t work all the time

Plop, plop, plop, plop, plop…

Touch your chest and feel your heart beating. Pay attention! The heart doesn’t work all the time, it rests half the time.

Your heart is resting? So am I close to death?

What? It turns out the heart doesn’t work all the time

No, first of all, let’s see how the heart works.

The blood can carry oxygen, and the tissues and organs of the human body are provided with oxygen in the blood so that it can function normally. The flow of blood from the heart to various parts of the body depends on the pumping function of the heart.

The pumping function of the heart is achieved by rhythmic contraction and relaxation, which can drive the blood.

Take biceps brachii as an example, the muscles are in a relaxed state when the hands are pendulous on the side of the body. When you make a move like the one shown above, the biceps are contracting, and it’s working in a tense state.

As the heart contracts, blood is sent from the ventricles into the arteries and back to the various tissues and organs of the body. When the heart relaxes, the venous system causes blood to flow back to the atrium. This completes the circulation of blood in the body, is often said of the systemic circulation.


The duration of the rest of the heart is related to the cardiac cycle.

The heart can contract and relax because it is made up of innumerable cells of the heart muscle. The myocardium belongs to the human rhabdomys.There is a special sarcomere structure in the rhabdomys.With this structure, the myocardium has the function of contraction and relaxation. When the heart is in a diastolic state, that is when the heart in the rest of the time.

The time it takes for the heart to contract and relax is called a cardiac cycle. In a cardiac cycle, the atrial and ventricular mechanical activities can be divided into systolic and diastolic periods. The diastolic time of the heart can be found in the cardiogram.

In a normal adult, for example, if his heart rate is 75 beats per minute, the cardiac cycle is 0.8 seconds.

According to research, rest time actually accounts for half of the heart cycle, and our hearts don’t work all the time.

The heart still knows how to work and rest. The working time and the rest time are 1:1.

At this rate, do I have to work 12 hours a day to fit the human body?

Well, let’s not.

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