Why go to bed before 23:00?

Maybe you’ve stayed up late doing homework in your school days, or you’ve started working late at night after work, and you can’t help but wonder, why on earth do people sleep?

Many people choose to stay up late and get some sleep. Is that ok?

Maintaining a basic amount of sleep is essential for a person to stay healthy

Why do we need sleep?

Why do we need sleep?

Sleep is a basic phenomenon of life, which is the same as why we eat and drink water. It is the basic function of maintaining our normal metabolism.

People have to have sleep, and if we’re deprived of it, it can lead to health problems, it can be mental problems, it can lead to death.

A man may break down if he does not sleep for three days, and his life may be in danger if he does not sleep for five days.

People usually sleep better when 3C products are out of fashion, but now they often spend their sleep on games, mobile phones and other digital products.

What is unsatisfying sleep?

Not meeting the requirement is sleep time is insufficient, perhaps sleep quality has a problem.

We normally need seven to eight hours of sleep, and too little or too much can have an impact on our health.

If you often have to get up and go to work at 6 o ‘clock before you get to sleep at 12 o ‘clock, it’s clear that longer hours have an impact on your health.

We should be getting seven to eight hours of healthy sleep, not too little, not too much, less than six hours of brain function and more than nine hours of brain function.

The effects of sleep vary from individual to individual, but are similar overall, but if you eat less, or if you exercise more, sleep time can be slightly shorter, and why it can be shorter, because your sleep is better.

If you eat too much and become obese, or if you exercise too little, your sleep quality is poor, and you need more sleep.

Some people may only get six or seven hours of sleep, but they sleep very efficiently because they spend all their time in bed asleep.

Some people have poor sleep efficiency. They may have to wait half an hour in bed to get into sleep. After a period of sleep, they will wake up once or more.

So some people don’t sleep much, but they do have a lot of energy during the day, because they sleep more efficiently, and that doesn’t mean they don’t need sleep or they don’t get as much.

One of the most important criteria for deciding whether or not you’ve had enough sleep is that you’re energetic and don’t fall asleep during the day, that you’re productive, that your brain is functioning properly, that you’re not tired, and that you’re getting the right amount of sleep.

Is it really healthier to go to bed from 10:00 to 6 o’clock than from 2 to 10:00?

Why we should go to bed around 11:00 is because of the growth hormone in our bodies, sleep-related hormones begin to secrete at 11:00.

For example, when melatonin is secreted, we begin to feel sleepy, or when growth hormone is secreted, children sleep well and develop well.

Our sleep time, should conform to the body hormone secretion, after millions of years of human evolution, please believe that this is reasonable.

How about I go to bed at 2: 00 in the morning?

When you go to bed at 2 A. m., the peak levels of growth hormone or sleep-related hormones are over. The structure and quality of sleep at this time may not be as good as 11:00.

Ideally, we humans sleep at the same time as the rest of the world.

The secretion of sleep-related hormones in our bodies, including growth hormone, is affected by natural inertia, so try to sleep according to the laws of nature.

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