How to prepare pregnancy scientifically?

Let’s start with a story like this:

A female patient with SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) became pregnant during the active phase of the disease without proper pre-pregnancy counseling. The doctor advised her to terminate the pregnancy early in the pregnancy for safety reasons, but she refused.

Subsequently, she did not follow the recommendation to continue pregnant, in pregnancy simply do not go to the hospital for childbirth, until the body really can not afford to go to the hospital.

Finally, tragedy occurred, adults and children have unfortunately died.

What this example illustrates is a conceptual problem.

Many people think that hundreds of years ago, even thousands of years ago, our ancestors did not do so many tests, but also to reproduce.

In fact, the real pregnancy problems, do not have the opportunity to speak out.

Of course, there are more people focus entirely on the child, even if they do not know that they can not get pregnant for the time being.

In the eyes of obstetricians and gynaecologists, the health of an adult is as important as the health of a child in preparation for pregnancy. To protect the health of adults and children after pregnancy, scientific pregnancy preparation is essential.

How to prepare pregnancy scientifically?

These five aspects of pregnancy preparedness are critical.

Choose the right age.

It’s not good to get pregnant too young or too old, but most of the problems lie with older women.

Pregnant women over the age of 35 are considered to be very old pregnant women.

Many women do not have children when they are young for various reasons, so they can only take the risk of pregnancy at an advanced age, but this risk must be known in advance, because no matter how meticulous and comprehensive the preparation for pregnancy is, people over the age of 35 must be aware of this risk. The possibility of infertility, abortion, fetal malformation, and complications during pregnancy and childbirth are significantly increased.

Obesity is a taboo.

When it comes to life at the time of preparation for pregnancy, what people are most concerned about is eating. Not only do they eat too much, they are afraid that their nutrition is not enough, and they also eat well. This cannot be eaten and that cannot be touched. In fact, the preparation of pregnancy is not a special diet, as long as reasonable calories, nutrition balance on the line, also do not need to deliberately go to “avoid mouth.”

In addition to eating, the preparation of pregnancy but also to carry out appropriate amount of exercise. In fact, during pregnancy should be appropriate exercise, not to mention the preparation of pregnancy, many people do not exercise at ordinary times habits, pregnant women heard after pregnancy to exercise, suddenly increase the amount of exercise, but there will be adverse reactions. In short, during the preparation of pregnancy, the body should gradually adapt to the appropriate amount of movement to the state, to lay a good foundation for pregnancy and postpartum.

In addition, also to avoid the common unhealthy state-obesity. In fact, obesity affects not only the appearance, but also affect the pregnancy and childbirth. Obesity increases the risk of many adverse conditions during pregnancy and childbirth, such as stillbirth, premature birth, and even fetal spina bifida and visceral malformations. Therefore, obese women in pregnancy before the best can be controlled in the ideal range of body weight.

Of course, it is not easy to control weight, weight loss slowly ineffective, weight loss too quickly will affect the preparation of pregnancy, so should consult a doctor and follow the scientific method.

Avoid harmful substances.

Relatively clear teratogens include some heavy metals, organic solvents, pesticides. But it takes a certain dose to cause fetal deformities.

Therefore, it is recommended that women who are exposed to harmful substances such as paint, pesticides and radiation should first suspend their work for a period of time and then become pregnant again.

Microwave ovens, blankets, cell phones, computers and even high-voltage power lines are all safe. There is no evidence that they have adverse effects on fetuses, so there is no need to overreact.

Drug effect.

Unnecessary medication is not recommended during pregnancy, but it is not necessary to completely avoid it if you want to treat a disease.

It is true that a small number of drugs may have an impact on embryonic development, but the impact is often not as large as you might think. Many drug-induced congenital malformations occur in less than 3% to 5% of the time, that is to say, less than the natural incidence of congenital malformations.

As for someone who has taken a cold pill by mistake, I would suggest that you first observe and think twice before trying to get rid of your child in the early pregnancy period. You should know that even if the child is aborted, there is no guarantee that no deformity will occur in the future. Taking a pill by mistake is just a risk you know, and those unknown risks are much greater than cold medicine.

The husband should also prepare for pregnancy.

Many women who consult before pregnancy ask the doctor if her husband needs to be examined. In fact, if it is not difficult to get pregnant, the man does not have to check anything.

But men still have to make some preparations, such as smoking and alcohol cessation, away from harmful substances, balanced nutrition and so on. Sperm formation takes about 70 days, so you can try to get pregnant after you get ready, for example, by quitting smoking and drinking for three months.

You should have a checkup before you get pregnant.

Some people might think that if you do a good job of preparing for a baby, you won’t have a problem, will you? But the effect of having children on the female body is enormous, affecting not only the reproductive organs, but also all systems throughout the body, and most of them adversely.

So before we get pregnant, we need to know about the woman’s health to see if she can conceive and give birth.

Like the SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) patient mentioned at the beginning of the story, if the doctor had done a good pregnancy test and counseling, the doctor would certainly not have let her get pregnant rashly, and there would have been no tragedy.

If a woman has had any medical, surgical or genetic problems before becoming pregnant, she should have a pre-pregnancy consultation and a check-up to see how the current situation affects the pregnancy.

Of course, most of the pregnant young people are usually healthy, then we will first carry out some regular tests to understand the current state of the body. If you find a problem, try to solve it before you get pregnant, so as not to be caught in a dilemma after you get pregnant.

Five key points of pregnancy preparation.

To sum up, here are some recommendations that are good for pregnancy preparation:

  • Try to avoid pregnancy at an advanced age.
  • Be sure to prepare for pregnancy tests and pregnancy tests.
  • Balanced diet, reasonable nutrition, weight control, moderate exercise.
  • Give up smoking, stop drinking, do not abuse drugs, change bad habits.
  • Avoid drugs and radioactive substances in the occupational environment.

Wish you all can smooth good pregnancy, become happy parents.

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