Can “metacycline” in toothpaste treat gum bleeding?

A few days ago, a doctor revealed on the Internet that some Chinese herbal toothpastes known as gums bleeding and brushing contain the western medicine ingredient tranexamic acid, which belongs to prescription drugs and has adverse reactions.

See this view, many netizens worry: what is tranexamic acid in the end? Can I still use this kind of toothpaste? What is the correct treatment method of gingival haemorrhage?

Toothpaste in the “tranexamic acid” can treat gingival bleeding?

Main points of this article

Tranexamic acid is widely used as a hemostatic in clinic, and there are some adverse reactions (usually not many). As a prescription drug, it should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor or a pharmacist. Toothpaste should be used with caution if it contains tranexamic acid.

If your gums are healthy, brushing your teeth vigorously won’t bleed. Once bleeding, excluding other diseases of the body (such as leukemia), is the emergence of gingivitis or periodontitis.

Whether gingivitis or periodontitis, need to go to the hospital for full mouth scaling, and maintain oral health maintenance: effective brushing every morning and evening; daily use of floss, interdental brushes, toothpicks and other cleaning of teeth; bilateral teeth alternately chewing, massage gingiva. The use of toothpaste containing tranexamic acid appears to help to stop bleeding, but it hides the real problem of bleeding gums.

Tranexamic acid is a prescription drug and should be used with caution. 

Checker: Fang Jian, deputy director of Guangzhou Huadu District people’s Hospital, pharmacist. 

Whether there is really tranexamic acid in toothpaste has not been determined yet. Let’s start with tranexamic acid. 

As an antifibrinolytic drug, tranexamic acid is widely used as a hemostatic in clinic. Current studies have shown that the adverse reaction of tranexamic acid is generally not much, but if the drug overdose may cause intracranial thrombosis and bleeding, occasionally may appear diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and so on. Women with menstrual blood clots may cause discomfort, but this situation is relatively rare. 

Long-term use of tranexamic acid in combination with other drugs that may cause thrombosis, such as contraceptive, estrogen, or other prothrombin complexes, increases the risk of thrombosis. 

In addition, for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, the risk of thrombosis may also increase, we should be on guard against the occurrence of cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction and other diseases. 

The safety of tranexamic acid for pregnant and lactating women is uncertain and is not recommended if it is not required by the condition. As a prescription drug, the use of tranexamic acid should be directed by a doctor or pharmacist to ensure safety. 

Affected by advertising, many people feel that the use of a certain kind of ointment can be used to treat bleeding gums, which is not right. If the toothpaste contains tranexamic acid ingredients, it is recommended to consult a doctor, special groups of people careful use.

See a doctor instead of just brushing your teeth for gingival bleeding. 

Checker: Kwong Yi-yuen, Department of Stomatology, Shenzhen Children’s Hospital. 

Why can gum bleed? 

For symptomatic treatment, let’s first take a look at why the gums bleed. 

Healthy gums are pink, thin gums are close to the tooth surface, and even if you brush your teeth a little harder, they don’t cause gingival bleeding. As soon as you brush your teeth or bite a hard object, your gums bleed, or even if you don’t touch them, the gums spontaneously bleed, which is a sign of a problem. 

There are many reasons for gingival bleeding, for example, some patients with leukemia is the initial clinical manifestations of bleeding gums often, here only the most common gingivitis and periodontitis. 

Let’s start with gingivitis. Gingivitis is an infectious disease, the main source of infection is the accumulation of teeth in the neck and gingival crevicular plaque in the microbial. Plaque microorganisms and their products affect the gingiva for a long time and cause the immune response, which will lead to gingival inflammation in the first place. 

Let’s talk about periodontitis. Gingivitis is mainly localized in gingival epithelial tissue and connective tissue. Periodontitis occurs when inflammation spreads to deep periodontal tissue, causing the dissolution and destruction of collagen fibers in the gingiva and periodontal ligament, as well as alveolar bone resorption, leading to the formation of a periodontal pocket.

How is gingival haemorrhage treated?

If it is a simple gingivitis, because the lesion is limited to the gingiva, there is no deep periodontal tissue destruction, after the removal of local stimuli, gingival inflammation subsided about a week later, damaged collagen fibers will be restored. The color, shape, quality and function of the gums were completely restored to normal.

Simple gingival bleeding patients can go to the hospital to carry out full oral scaling, thorough removal of plaque, dental calculus, elimination of plaque retention and local irritation of gingival factors. Then, persevere every morning and evening for effective brushing teeth, maintain good oral health status, and regular (6 ~ 12 months) to the hospital review and maintenance, in order to maintain the efficacy, to prevent recurrence.

If it’s periodontitis, treatment is more complicated than gingivitis. In addition to full mouth scaling, subgingival curettage and root planing are required, followed by local medication for periodontal pockets and root surfaces. After treatment, it is also necessary to go to the hospital regularly for reexamination and maintenance.

No matter gingivitis, or periodontitis, in the basic treatment, patients need to maintain oral health, maintain good oral health status, in order to make gingiva in a sustained healthy state.

What are the ways to maintain oral health? 

  • Brush your teeth effectively every morning and evening; 
  • Use dental floss, toothbrush, toothpick, etc. to clean up your teeth every day. 
  • Bilateral teeth alternately chew and massage gingiva. 

The use of toothpaste containing tranexamic acid appears to help to stop bleeding, but it masks the real problem of bleeding gums, thus delaying effective treatment.

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