Do you often feel tired? Or these 11 reasons.

More and more people feel that they are often tired, which is not only caused by the pressure of work and life. 

Certain inappropriate lifestyles and certain diseases can cause the body to be tired for a long time and need to be corrected and treated in order to relax the body.

Not replacing mattresses and pillows for long periods of time.

The study found that mattresses used for more than 10 years, pillows used for more than 1 year, will have an impact on the quality of sleep. To that end, they should be replaced on a regular basis. 

The bedroom is overheated.

Too warm a room can cause difficulty falling asleep on the one hand and inability to maintain deep sleep on the other. According to the study, the best room temperature for people to sleep in is 18.3 ℃. 

Spend too much time playing mobile phone at night.

According to a Harvard medical school study, spending long hours on a mobile phone at night and exposing the eyes to the light from the phone’s screen causes the body to reduce the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone in low levels that interferes with sleep and leads to tiredness in the body. 

Use alcohol to promote sleep.

Although a little wine before bed can quickly fall asleep, but the physical activity will be enhanced by the stimulation of alcohol, wake up feeling more tired, as if a sleepless night. 

Severe water shortage.

Drink too much water in the evening easy to get up at night, but if the body is short of water seriously, will seriously affect the mood and internal energy, the end result is not high quality sleep, the body can not get enough rest. 


When anemia occurs in the body, the amount of oxygen flowing from the blood to the organs and tissues is reduced, resulting in fatigue. Fatigue is only one of the clinical symptoms of anemia, but also including extreme weakness, sleep difficulties, lack of concentration, headache, heart rate and so on. 

Thyroid disorders.

Whether it’s hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, it’s a sign of thyroid disorder. Thyroid disorders, the body’s metabolism will be affected, fatigue is one of the consequences. 

Type II diabetes mellitus.

The body of diabetics is unable to make full use of glucose, causing it to accumulate in the blood, the body’s energy will be insufficient, resulting in fatigue symptoms. 


Depression on sleep, diet will have a great impact, if not timely treatment, the duration of a short period of weeks, long years. Depression is a mental illness, diagnosis is more difficult, and treatment is not easy, the need for patients with full cooperation with the doctor. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome.

The real cause of the disease is not yet an accurate answer, but it is suspected that there are many factors will induce the disease. In addition to fatigue, the syndrome can lead to headaches, muscle and joint pain, weakness, inattention, and so on. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B12 is important for brain health, the immune system and metabolism. Fatigue is one of the most obvious symptoms when the body is deficient in vitamin B12.

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