In addition to cat droppings, elephant poop is also a raw material for coffee

Many friends like to make a cup of coffee when they are tired and sleepy, and Kopi Luwak, known as “the most expensive in the world”, is the best coffee in many people’s hearts.

But is the Kopi Luwak really made of cat poop?

Kopi Luwak, native to Indonesia. Luwak is a wild arboreal animal commonly known as the civet, a diurnal, nocturnal, tropical omnivorous animal that particularly likes to roam the coffee garden when the coffee fruit is ripe, and to steal the most mature coffee fruit.

Although coffee beans give us the impression of brown granulated fruit, in fact, the coffee fruit is a very sweet red fruit, looks like cherries, has a taste of jujube.

After eating the sweet coffee fruit, the civet absorbs its skin and pulp, leaving only hard coffee beans that are difficult to digest. Finally, the undigested coffee beans are excreted in the form of feces.

The local fruit growers were very distressed about the coffee that was spoiled by the civets, so they took back the cat droppings full of coffee beans, washed them clean, and left the coffee beans for sale.

Unexpectedly, the fruit grower of this seemingly “silly” practice even inadvertently inserted Liu Di to create a delicious world-Kopi Luwak.

The coffee fruit in the civet intestines this toss about, unexpectedly increased the incomparable mellow taste to the coffee bean, its rare, coupled with it “the excrement” the gimmick, created the civet coffee high-end atmosphere the localization.

So where does this mellow taste of civet coffee come from?

It turns out that the process of removing the skin and pulp of the coffee fruit in the body of the civets is a natural fermentation process of the intestines and stomach of the animals, during which the stomach acid of the civets can not only break down the original bitter and sour tastes in the coffee beans. And because of the very special enzymes in the intestinal tract and the fermentation of bacteria, the excretion of raw coffee beans took place a magical biochemical changes, with an extremely excellent quality.

Apart from Kopi Luwak, Thailand’s Black Ivory Coffee is also popular. Like civet coffee, shitty coffee is coffee beans that are digested and excreted by the elephant after it is swallowed.

On the one hand, elephants have larger stomachs, which help them digest and break down, which leads to more coffee beans.

On the other hand, because elephants like to eat sugar cane, bananas, coffee beans in the process of digestion, they will absorb a special aroma, sugar, so that the finished product gives off the aroma of honey and chocolate, full of sweet, rich taste smooth.

In view of this, eat “shit” is not terrible, eat “shit” can also create miracles! I don’t know. In the future, we’ll be able to taste more fancy “poop” coffee.

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