May cause “shock” microcirculatory disturbance is how to return a responsibility?

We all know that blood from every organ of the human body is pumped from the contraction of the heart, but the more it reaches the end of the body, the less kinetic energy the blood has, and at this time, it needs to rely on microcirculation to promote the flow of blood. And transport it to all the organs of the body. Therefore, microcirculation is often referred to as the second heart of the human body.

However, with the further study of microcirculation, people gradually realize that microcirculation plays an important role in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. But there is also some confusion. For example: many health products, nutrition products, skin care products in the publicity are highly publicized marked-this product can significantly improve microcirculation disorders. Is that true?

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What is “microcirculation”?

Microcirculation refers to the blood circulation between arterioles and venules, which mainly plays the role of material exchange and blood regulation.

Microcirculation is mainly carried out in capillaries, capillaries all over the body all over the tissues and organs, its diameter is generally 6 to 9 microns, and a red blood cell diameter of about 8 microns, just can accommodate a red blood cell through. Because the capillary wall is very thin, here is an important place for nutrient exchange, but also through the vasoconstriction and relaxation to regulate the volume of blood.

So where does the power of microcirculation come from?

The blood vessels of the human body have a autonomic movement, that is, a spontaneous movement, acting as a pump, which is mainly achieved by the contraction of the smooth muscle cells of the vascular walls.

It was previously thought that the walls of capillaries were very thin, that they had no smooth muscle, and therefore did not produce autonomic movements.

But later discovery capillaries wall outer layer has a kind of pericyte, it also has certain contractile function, can promote blood flow.

Blood from the arterioles into the dense capillary network, in this area for material exchange, the nutrients in the blood into various tissue cells, waste products from human metabolism into the blood, after the exchange of blood flow into the venule. Into the body’s circulatory system.

“microcirculation disturbance” is not a disease!

Early studies on microcirculation mainly focused on shock, such as hemorrhagic shock, toxic shock caused by infectious diseases, and so on.

When people go into shock, their hands and feet get cold, because the capillaries in these areas constrict, reducing the amount of blood.

This is a stress response of the human body to transport blood to the heart, the brain and other more important, more needed blood organs, in order to achieve the function of regulating blood volume.

But if the contraction time is too long, will cause the organ function of the contraction place to be damaged even to cause the failure.

Therefore, it is necessary to use blood transfusion or drugs to dilate blood vessels to intervene, improve local microcirculation, alleviate symptoms.

Microcirculation is very important indeed, if there is a problem really need to be taken seriously-but we usually see a lot of online and a lot of “microcirculation” related to publicity is pure hoodwink.

In fact, a person with no major physical disease, its microcirculation system is also basically healthy.

Many microcirculation detection equipment, the detection results are greatly affected by external factors, is often inaccurate. Microcirculatory disturbance is not an independent disease, but only a symptom caused by other diseases.

If the human body has a serious disease, it may be reflected in the microcirculation. But the microcirculation disturbance is not a kind of independent disease, but only a symptom of the disease.

If you just want to improve the microcirculation, you can use some vasodilator drugs to improve the symptoms. However, if the primary disease factors are not removed, only improve microcirculation disorders, for the treatment of the disease is of no significance.

Therefore, we should not superstition of those “magic” health products or cosmetics. In general, they simply dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow through a stimulus that appears to indirectly improve the microcirculation, but is likely to trigger a range of health risks.

For example, a certain skin care product dilates blood vessels with the use of pharmaceutical ingredients, but this can also lead to increased cellular space, leading to problems such as infection of the skin on the face.

A healthy lifestyle is the most important thing!

From a healthy point of view, the improvement of microcirculation will make the local blood circulation better, blood flow increased, local circulation speed up, metabolism is vigorous, for the body is still a certain advantage.

Since those health supplements and nutrition products are not reliable, so, we should pay attention to daily life from the following three aspects to improve their microcirculation:

  • Do more exercise.
  • Eat right.
  • Psychological adjustment.

As long as the body is healthy enough, the condition of microcirculation will not be prone to problems.

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