Is drinking coffee “lose weight” or “gain weight”?

Whether regular coffee will gain weight has always been a mystery.

Someone thinks: food energy table shows “a cup of coffee calorie is worth a meal”, so high calorie, won’t gain weight?

Still have a person to think: coffee makes a person excited, stimulative energy expends, affirmation is slimming.

Do you drink coffee to lose weight or gain weight?

We to the United States Purdue University, Department of Agriculture and Biology, Dr. Food Engineering, well-known science experts Yun Wuxin to verify.

To figure this out, first make a clear distinction between “coffee” and “coffee-containing drinks”, says Mr Yun. Their effects on health are completely different.

Drinking “black coffee” doesn’t make you fat. 

“Coffee” in the chemical sense is the extract of roasted coffee beans. At its core are caffeine and a variety of antioxidants. Caffeine is a neurostimulant, and its effects can be felt in many ways. In addition, the polyphenols in coffee have a positive effect on health. 

Integrating the recommendations of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, the Food and Drug Safety Agency of the European Union, Health Canada, the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Agency, etc., It is advisable for healthy adults to consume no more than 210-400 milligrams of caffeine (about 3-5 cups of coffee) per day. 

In this sense, “coffee” is called “black coffee” in everyday life. Such coffees are almost calorie-free, and caffeine even boosts metabolism. Drink such “black coffee” not only won’t gain weight, on the contrary have certain help to lose weight.

“Coffee drinks” are high in calories. 

Black coffee is bitter and astringent, and most people don’t like it. What people call “coffee” in daily life is actually “a beverage containing coffee,” such as “2 in 1 coffee” and “3 in 1 coffee,” or a latte, mocha, or cappuccino. 

“2-1 Coffee” is usually a combination of instant coffee powder and sugar, the addition of sugar reduces the bitterness and makes the coffee taste better. Latte coffee is added to the milk, cream, syrup and so on, so that coffee has taste and appearance. 

Then, of course, the sugar and fat content skyrocketed, and naturally the calories were high. 

Take, for example, the food ingredient list published by a brand of coffee. A large cup of American coffee with only espresso and water has 17 kilocalories of calories. 

The same cup of latte coffee calories for 223 KCAL. Mocha coffee is 364 kilos. Cappuccino is 136 kcal. 

In this sense, a cup of “coffee-containing” calories may actually be worth a meal. 

So, if always drink “contain coffee beverage”, the benefit of coffee itself is covered completely by sugar and adipose, go against to lose weight, also go against whole health. 

A lot of people are drinking “freshly brewed coffee,” and the situation is similar. If it is black coffee, then do not gain weight, and even help lose weight; if sweetener, then similar to black coffee; if added sugar, it will increase the intake of sugar, drink more intake of calories, intake of sugar intake is also more sugar. It’s not good for your health as a whole.

How can I drink coffee more healthily?

  • Pay attention to the nutrition labels and try to choose sugar-free products. Market coffee, especially some instant coffee, in order to taste good, will add a lot of sugar, which is not good for the control of blood sugar, we should buy a more careful.
  • Choose black coffee as much as possible. Black coffee is low in calories and high in antioxidants, so try not to add sugar when drinking coffee outside.
  • Use low-fat milk as a companion. A lot of people think black coffee tastes bad, want to add sugar or companion, but sugar or the coffee companion that sells on the market contains too much sugar, not good, suggest everybody can add bit of low fat milk and substitute sugar to come seasoning.
  • Coffee is good and healthy, but don’t drink too much. For healthy people, 3-5 cups a day is appropriate.
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