Are pregnant women suitable for watching horror movies?

Many mothers before pregnancy, especially like to watch horror film and television programs, even after the pregnancy, still the same.

Like to watch horror movies for pregnant women do not seem to have such a big impact, but for the baby will have an impact?

First of all, it is common knowledge that pregnant women should remain calm and relaxed, rather than highly stressed and stressed.

But horror movies can bring constant stress and stress to pregnant women, and from this point of view, horror movies seem really unsuitable for pregnant women.

  • Mental stress

Horror movies are thrilling and scary. Pregnant mother in the process of viewing the film, the high level of mental stress will stimulate the secretion of adrenaline. Stimulates the nerves by stimulating the blood vessels of the fetus through the umbilical cord. A fetus that is stimulated by nerve stimulation also produces a large amount of adrenaline. Excessive stress can hinder fetal brain and body growth. Abortion is also easily caused in the early pregnancy .

  • Affect sleep

In the night before falling asleep in the brain will be seen repeatedly during the day, if pregnant mother in the daytime watching too many exciting films, easy to affect the quality of sleep, and even nightmares. The long-term past, not just the fetus, to pregnant mother itself is only beneficial harmless.

  • Affect fetal character

Some studies have shown that watching a large number of horror films during pregnancy does not make the baby bold after birth, but instead becomes timid . This is because pregnant mother is frightened when watching the film, causing fetal treasure is also frightened, so after birth is particularly sensitive .

So horror films and irritating films, pregnant mother or choose whether to watch. In pregnancy, pregnant mother to maintain a smooth mood is the most important, then how to maintain a stable mood during pregnancy?

  • Emotional stability

Pregnant women should be happy, emotional stability, in distress to self-control, not exultation, great sorrow, furious. If the mother’s depressive mood lasts for several weeks, the excess activity of the fetus may be throughout the fetus, thus affecting fetal development.

American psychologist Kresge and others have also confirmed that “emotional excitement during pregnancy can affect the emotional characteristics of future generations.” ”

  • Touch and Interact

Pregnant women can choose to sleep at night before, put both hands on the abdomen, from top to bottom by hand gently stroked the fetus, five minutes each time, one side can gently and fetal treasure chat, let him hear your voice.

  • Music mitigation

Choose elegant and beautiful music to listen to more than a few times a day, beautiful and tranquil melody makes people have a good association. A pleasant mood causes the nerve to produce a liquid that transmits a good musical sensation to the fetus through the nerve fluid.

The experiment confirms that for music with a frequency of 250~500 Hz and a strength of 70 decibels, the fetus will appear peacefully stretched in the womb. And for those sharp, thin, high-profile music, the fetus will produce unstable, nervous reaction. Clinical observation shows that through the reading aloud of pregnant women, the fetus receives the information of human language sound wave, which has a certain promotion effect on the development of children’s language after birth.

Therefore, in order to their own health, but also to the health of the baby, or not to see horror movies during pregnancy.

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