Are there parasites on waxberry ? Is it safe?

You may have heard recently that before eating red waxberry , you should soak it in salt water and kill the insects in the red waxberry before eating it. Is this true or false?

It has been confirmed that waxberry  does have worms, mainly because it does not have peel protection like grapefruit. Some flying insects easily lay their eggs in the cracks in the flesh of waxberry . By the time you eat them, some of the eggs have already matured.

But does this mean that red waxberry cannot be eaten?

Why are there so many bugs in Waxberry? 

Waxberry is very easy to have worms, whether parasitic or native, Waxberry fruit characteristics are very easy to attract insect patronage. The outer layer of the exocarp has a column of cells protruding to form a soft and juicy tissue. 

So, in our academic circles, we call this a derivative of the exocarp of the red waxberry . Waxberry is not like orange, citrus and other fruits, the outer skin of the fruit played a role in the protection of the flesh. As a result, worms can easily penetrate into the flesh of bayberry to lay eggs and give birth to babies. 

So, a small partner will ask, since there are so many insects, why not use pesticides to bathe these abominable bugs? Mainly because, waxberry this kind of fruit is eats directly. So farmers don’t usually use pesticides. 

However, farmers will not let the insects do what they want, and farmers will use some non-chemical methods to eliminate insects, to reduce the living conditions of fruit flies. Such as weeding, cleaning down fruit, ground smoke to kill fruit fly larvae. However, the results have been minimal, and none of these methods has been able to completely eliminate the insects. 

Therefore, buy back some worms inside the waxberry , it is impossible to avoid.

Is it true that every waxberry has worms? 

Every waxberry has worms, but it is just an exaggeration, it is estimated that the mother came up with it in order to frighten the children. 

However, according to scientific research, 50 per cent of wild fruit is used by fruit flies to lay eggs. So, actually it’s normal for Waxberry to have worms, but not all Waxberry will have worms. 

Because the insects are all in the pulp, it is difficult to find all the insects when we look at them with our eyes only.

Are the bugs in the waxberry poisonous? 

In fact, the worms inside waxberry are the larvae of fruit flies.

Fruit flies are common in crops such as fruit. They are the tiny insects that often fly over garbage bins in the kitchen in the summer. 

Fruit flies are a little ugly, though. However, fruit flies are not poisonous to humans. The big deal is to help you add a little more protein. 

What’s more, the insects in the waxberry are just the larvae of fruit flies, which will neither poison you nor infect you. 

So, although the bug is a bit heavy taste, but even if you accidentally swallowed the worm, it will not have any effect on the body. 

However, Waxberry had better be before eating, soak with brine a bit longer, will bug remove, go to eat again, that need not worry about inside “nutrition”.

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