There are seven types of people who are most susceptible to gout

There are seven types of people who are most susceptible to gout

Male susceptible to gout.

The data show that the male-to-female ratio of gout sufferers is about 15:1. Why is it that men are more likely to get gout than women? This is because women have a congenital advantage, because estrogen can promote uric acid excretion, and can help prevent the onset of arthritis. In men, androgen particularly loves uric acid, which will inhibit the excretion of uric acid in the kidney, lead to the increase of uric acid content in the body, accelerate the formation and deposition of uric acid crystals, and eventually cause gout.

A regular drinker is prone to gout.

Just because of alcohol purines? In fact, more than that, drinking alcohol can also cause the body to produce a lot of lactic acid, and these lactic acid will compete with uric acid excretion. Although both have to be excreted, but uric acid out of the body less, over time, will cause gout.

People who love meat and seafood are prone to gout.

Meat, seafood in high purine content, eat more prone to gout. For example, the youngest gout patient in Qingdao is only 13 years old, and it is obvious that he has eaten it.

The middle and old people are prone to gout.

In the impression of most people, gout is the patent of the elderly, this is a scientific basis. Because postmenopausal women have decreased estrogen levels and increased androgen levels, they are prone to gout. But after the person is old, the joint aging, together with the calcium loss, the cartilage tissue also reduces a lot, therefore the gout is easy to bully the elder.

People with a family history of gout are more likely to have gout than normal people.

People who have been athletes are prone to gout.

This is because athletes are more physically active and more intense, causing their bodies to burn and decompose ATP, and their cells metabolize faster than normal, producing more purines. This, coupled with the fact that many athletes have been injured before, makes them more susceptible to gout.

Obese people are prone to gout.

Fat people love fried chicken, Coke and other high-fat food, fat intake too much, but also prone to suffering from gout.

Dietary guidelines for gout. 

Gout, endogenous accounted for 80%, exogenous accounted for 20%. So, how should pay attention to food? 

Reduce the intake of high purine foods. Data show that the acute attack of gout is often due to overeating high purine food. In the acute stage of gout, the intake of purine was controlled within 150mg/ days. So, if you have a gout attack, don’t eat high purine foods. People who have had a history of gout, or who have high uric acid, should try to eat less high purine food.

Limit total energy and prevent overweight or obesity. People who have been diagnosed with hyperuricemia and gout should consume 10% to 20% less total energy per day than normal people to prevent obesity and overweight. Obese people also want to reduce intake, so as to avoid excessive ketone body, and reduce the discharge of uric acid.

Eat more vegetables, fruits and other alkaline food. Uric acid and urate are easily dissolved and excreted in alkaline environment. In addition to fruits and vegetables, soda water, soda cracker, alkaline noodles are also alkaline food, can be eaten in moderation.

Avoid drinks rich in fructose. Although fruit should eat more, but rich fructose fruit juice as far as possible eat less, because fructose can promote nucleic acid decomposition, increase uric acid production. Like honey although low purine, but 65-80% sugar and fructose sugar, the same to eat less.

Prohibition. A man with gout should not drink less, but should be forbidden to drink.

Take some dietary supplements. They promote the dissolution of urate and help ease gout.

Drink plenty of water. Because if the human body is short of water, the water in the blood decreases, uric acid concentration will naturally rise.

How to reduce gout attacks. 

Gout, like diabetes, is not completely cured. However, pay attention to the following aspects, you can reduce the attack of gout. 

1. Steady the uric acid value in the body and take the acid reducing medicine according to the doctor’s advice. 

2.When you lose weight, avoid losing weight too quickly. Because ketone body and uric acid compete with each other discharge, make blood uric acid level rises, urge gout acute attack.

3. Avoid physical stimulation of the affected area. Small stimuli can also cause uric acid crystals to fall off from the joints, eventually triggering gout.

4. Avoid excessive cold or overheating. Low body temperature, slow blood flow, blood uric acid is easy to crystallize; and if the body temperature is too high, excessive sweating will make the human body lack water, the blood uric acid concentration naturally increased.

5. Avoid mental stress. Once people are nervous, the body will go into a state of stress. Metabolism speeds up, energy consumption increases, uric acid goes up naturally.

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