Does late cancer mean that there is no medicine to save?

Many people have detected “late cancer” and have already become desperate for life.

Indeed, for the time being, many advanced cancers often mean that they cannot be saved and can only prolong life by drugs and chemotherapy.

But this does not mean that the late stage of cancer necessarily means death.

In fact, not only ordinary people, even non-neoplastic doctors, often think that advanced cancer is definitely impossible to cure, only to die. So there is always someone to ask: Is there a need for treatment for advanced cancer?

In fact, some cancers, even in the advanced stages, still have a cure.

Kai-fu Lee: Cancer is still cured in the late stage

“Under defense, I feel that death is so close to me; the process of dealing with cancer cells is so painful that I seem to fall from the clouds instantly. In an instant, I don’t know where I am, small and helpless.” After the diagnosis of cancer four, Li Kaifu said that he seems to be confined in a glass house. Although he can see and hear the world outside, the world of lively fragrance is completely out of his own.

However, his life did not end with cancer. After more than 10 months of treatment, on June 30, 2015, Kai-Fu Lee announced to everyone through Weibo: It has not detected tumors twice in succession! Li Kaifu, who has regained his freshmanship, has now returned to his passionate work, returned to his loved ones and returned to normal life.

People say that Kai-Fu Lee is lucky, but in fact, Kai-Fu Lee’s example is not a case: some cancers may be cured, while others may not be eradicated, but after treatment, patients can return to normal life.

So, which cancers are likely to be cured? Before we understand these two issues, we need to understand first: What is “cure cancer”?

What is “cure cancer”?

Cure is a medical concept, and what we generally call cure is a clinical cure. For cancer, it is the patient who has got some kind of cancer. After treatment, the cancer cells are not detected in the body, and then the cancer does not recur. He did not die because of this cancer.

This includes two aspects:

First, cancer cells are not detected after treatment, in medical terms, called “complete remission”;

Second, there is no recurrence after complete remission. Because cancer cells are very paralyzed, some patients may have some cancer cells lurking in the test after treatment, and they will return after the treatment stops.

For most people, cancer cells are coming back within 5 years, so the clinical “five years later survival rate” is commonly used to measure the cure probability of a certain cancer. The so-called 5-year survival rate does not mean that patients can only live for 5 years after treatment, but that after 5 years of treatment, how many percent of patients are alive. The higher the survival rate after 5 years, the greater the probability of curing this cancer. After 5 years of treatment, if there is still no recurrence, then for most patients, it can be considered that a clinical cure has been achieved.

Which cancers may be cured?

Early cancer: most can be cured

First, most early cancers may be cured by surgery + preoperative and postoperative treatment. The reason why cancer is fatal is because cancer cells do not age like normal cells and die. On the contrary, cancer cells will proliferate and metastasize to other organs, not only to seize nutrients with important organs, but also to destroy the functions of these organs. Causes multiple organ system failures and causes the body to die.

Therefore, in order to cure cancer, it is necessary to eradicate cancer cells in the body. Early cancer is cancer that does not detect metastasis. For tumors that are suitable for surgery, as long as the primary tumor can be surgically removed (where the cancer cells first grow), it is possible to eradicate the cancer cells. But in some cases this is not enough. It is often necessary to cooperate with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy or endocrine therapy before or after surgery to further eliminate cancer cells.

Many early cancers can be cured by this method, such as early:

  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Gastric cancer
  • Prostate cancer

The sooner you discover, the less likely you are to have a metastasis and the better your treatment will be.

Some tumors can be cured by radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Some tumors may be cured by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Some tumors, such as hematological tumors (leukemia, lymphoma), and nasopharyngeal carcinoma, are naturally sensitive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Therefore, whether in the early or late stage, these cancers generally do not use surgery, but direct radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and will also cooperate according to the condition. Targeted therapy.

In addition, malignant germ cell tumors (such as choriocarcinoma, testicular cancer, etc.), many children with malignant tumors, etc., some advanced colorectal cancer in the late stage (only a small number of possible liver and lung metastasis), there are also opportunities for cure or long-term survival. In these cases, don’t simply say that you should not cure it.

Some advanced cancers can also survive for a long time.

Although some cancers do not cure in the late stage, they can survive for a long time.

For example, some advanced cancers, such as advanced breast cancer, may achieve longer-term survival with tumors through comprehensive treatment, and some can survive for seven or eight years or even longer.

Even in the advanced stage of lung cancer, this seems to be difficult to live for more than a year in the early stage, but now there are many new drugs, and some lung adenocarcinomas can even survive for seven or eight years or longer.

At this time, of course, you should not easily give up.

Finally, I suggest you not to give up easily at any time!

Some cancers can really be cured!

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