New research: falling in love can reduce stress and pain

According to the Daily Mail on Nov. 12, research shows that being in love can help lower blood pressure. Love is the result of 12 areas of the brain working together to regulate emotional responses through a surge of chemicals such as dopamine. 

A number of new studies have found that being in love can help improve symptoms of discomfort, even high blood pressure, pain and allergic reactions. Researchers at the University of West Virginia in California say the act of falling in love is the result of activity in 12 areas of the brain that work together. 

A large number of chemicals, such as dopamine, help regulate the emotional response, and oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” increases trust and reduces anxiety. It also provides a strong scientific basis for the study in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine that people in love tend to have lower blood pressure. 

One theory is that stimulation of the sympathetic nerve stimulates the secretion of oxytocin, a hormone released by the act of touch that enables the stress centers in the skin to interact with the brain through sympathetic nerves. 

In addition, a 2006 study found that kissing reduces the production of histamine, a chemical extracted from allergens that causes allergic symptoms, and reduces allergic reactions. Cuddling also boosts oxytocin secretion, which lowers blood pressure and heart rate. 

In this, Manchester University psychologist Professor Cary Cooper also said, “Love can have a physical impact, but also an emotional impact.”It also affects the body’s immune system, hormones and many other factors. ”

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