Runners over 40 years of age need to master these 8 techniques to prevent injuries.

Running is one of the best ways to improve your health. However, as you get older, especially after age 40, your body functions gradually decline, and if you continue to run as a young person, the risk of injury increases dramatically.

So what skills should runners over 40 master?

Slow increase in time and intensity

As you get older, you may find that it takes longer to increase your running time or intensity than you did when you were younger.

Slowly increase running time or training intensity to prevent injuries, build muscle strength and endurance, within the body’s tolerance.

Listen to the body

No matter how well you plan your training, be sure to pay attention to your physical reactions when you train. After arthralgia or muscle appears ache, cannot ignore it at will, need to cause attention, eliminate hidden trouble in time.

In addition, it is best not to run for two days in a row, but every other day, the day in between can rest or low-intensity cross-training.

More rest and recovery

After a hard training session in the past, you may have a full recovery after a night’s rest. After the age of 40, it may take a full day or even two days to rest and recover. The heart rate can be measured in the morning, and if it is above average, it is not fully recovered.

High intensity interval training once a week

It’s not that you can’t train hard as you get older, it’s that you have to limit the amount. A high-intensity interval training once a week, heart rate can reach 80% of the maximum.

For example, sprint intervals, each lasting 60-90 seconds, are restored by a five-minute jog.

Enhance balance

As you age, your body loses strength, balance, and coordination, which can lead to an increased risk of injury while running. For this reason, runners over the age of 40 need to strengthen their balance training at ordinary times.

To strengthen one’s strength

Maintaining muscle strength allows runners to maintain good speed even as they age. A strength workout of 1 to 2 30 minutes per week is sufficient to keep the runner muscular and reduce the risk of injury.

Keep enough water

As people get older, their thirst mechanisms are not as sensitive as they were when they were younger, so they may not feel thirsty even when they are short of water.

A skill that distinguishes oneself is lack of water is the color that observes urination light yellow is normal color if color is darker explain lack of water.

Choose a comfortable pavement

Like the concrete road surface is relatively hard, the injury to the knee is bigger. Runners over the age of 40 can opt for softer surfaces such as grass, which are good for joints and muscles.

If only the concrete road surface can run, also must choose the spacious flat road section, prevents the ankle sprains and so on the injury occurrence.

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