There are seven major causes of fungal vaginitis

Vulvovaginal candidiasis, commonly known as fungal vaginitis, is a severe pruritus, leukorrhea thick as a typical feature of vulvovaginitis. 

Statistics show that about 75% of women have at least once in their lives suffering from fungal vaginitis, and another 40% to 45% of women have experienced two or more episodes. 

Many female friends mistook it for venereal disease and are diagnosed with unnecessary panic and anxiety. 

Although the treatment of the disease is simple, but it is easy to repeatedly attack, so it is important to understand the susceptible factors and prevent them before they occur. 

Fungal vaginitis has the following seven major predisposing factors: 

Pregnant woman

Pathogenic bacteria Candida albicans also parasitic in the vagina of some healthy women, the vaginal environment of pregnant women is more suitable for the parasite of the bacterium, thus prone to this vaginitis during pregnancy, and easy to relapse. 


Especially in women with poor blood glucose control, normal parasitic Candida spp is easy to multiply in large numbers, it is easy to suffer from refractory fungal vaginitis, often after the blood sugar control, conventional anti-fungal drugs can play an effective role. 

Abuse of antibiotics

Some women prefer antibiotics, even for small ailments. This can easily lead to imbalance of bacterial flora in the vagina and induce the disease. 

Bad living habits

Wear tight jeans, obesity, sitting and other bad habits, will lead to perineum in the long-term wet environment, is conducive to the growth of Candida, will induce vaginitis. 

Fungal infection

Underwear can not ventilate the sun is also easy to induce fungal vaginitis. Although fungal infections on the feet and vaginitis are not the same pathogens, socks and underwear can not be washed together. 

Do not wash your hands after urinating

Candida can be parasitic not only in the vagina, but also parasitic in the mouth, anus, if you do not wash your hands to touch the genitals, will increase the possibility of inflammation. 

Immunity decline

The disease is mainly due to a weakened immunity caused by their own infection, only a small part of the indirect infection through sexual intercourse or contact with infected clothing, so suffering from vaginitis need not be a major enemy, and do not repeatedly question their own health habits. Causing excessive anxiety. 

Avoid the above seven susceptible factors, can actively prevent the occurrence of vaginitis. And once similar symptoms do not random medication, timely treatment to the medical unit, vulvovaginal candidiasis is not terrible, usually after one to two weeks of local medication can be cured.

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