Oral health is important before pregnancy

We all know that women usually need medical and gynaecological examinations before they become pregnant. In addition, many doctors also recommend oral examinations for pregnant women. 

However, many people do not understand that pregnancy has nothing to do with oral examinations. 

In fact, pregnancy can cause many physiological changes, leading to an increase in the number of oral diseases in pregnant mothers. Once pregnant, such as toothache symptoms, for reasons of fetal protection, pregnant mothers usually endure pain do not take medicine, very painful. 

So, what is the impact of pregnancy on the oral health of pregnant mothers?

Oral health is important before pregnancy

First of all, pregnant women’s life patterns change, eat more times, like sweet or sour food.

If pregnant women often ignore oral health care before pregnancy, and if they have dental caries before pregnancy but have not been treated, after pregnancy can lead to increased caries or caries, serious will develop into pulpitis or periapical periodontitis, Causing discomfort such as pain.

If pregnant women because of toothache and eating difficulties, will lead to their nutritional intake disorders, which indirectly affect the health of the fetus, increase the risk of low birth weight.

Therefore, if a woman suffers from dental caries, she must be diagnosed and treated before pregnancy.

Second, after pregnancy wisdom tooth pericoronitis is easy to attack.

Wisdom teeth as a result of sprouting space or abnormal position, easy to cause food often embedded in it.

Women in the first three months of pregnancy body resistance is low, coupled with pregnancy physiological, lifestyle changes, easy to lead to wisdom teeth pericoronitis attack.

In addition, in early pregnancy tooth extraction, easy to cause fetal deformity or abortion; in late pregnancy tooth extraction, easy to cause premature birth.

Therefore, if the preparation of pregnant women have wisdom teeth, and often suffering from pain and wisdom teeth pericoronitis, it is recommended that the wisdom teeth should be removed before pregnancy.

If after the pregnancy appears acute inflammation, should go to the hospital as early as possible in the initial stage of inflammation to deal with.

Finally, pregnancy itself does not cause gingivitis, but due to increased progesterone and estrogen levels after pregnancy, the original chronic gingivitis or periodontitis will worsen.

So some expectant mothers will notice an increase in bleeding from brushing their teeth during pregnancy, sometimes spontaneous gum bleeding, and even loosening of some teeth.

Some pregnant women will also find a red bulge on the gums, we call it pregnant gingival tumor, after childbirth will generally shrink, if still do not fade can be operated on.

Therefore, the oral hygiene good pregnancy gingivitis incidence rate is low, therefore should form the good habit which every year washes the tooth.

You can wash your teeth once before pregnancy, improve oral hygiene, and prevent pregnancy-induced gingivitis.

It can be seen that oral health before pregnancy can not be ignored.

Women who are ready to conceive should have an oral health check-up before pregnancy to create a healthy oral environment so as to avoid putting their babies at risk for oral emergencies that require treatment during pregnancy.

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