Olive oil is worse than grape seed oil, right?

Some people say grape seed oil is better than olive oil, so why buy olive oil? Olive oil vs. grape seed oil, which one is healthier?

We will analyze it from two aspects: taste and nutrition.

Grape seed oil has low smoke point and less soot

Grape seed oil high heat resistance, smoke point up to 200 degrees Celsius 250 degrees *, not easy to oxidize, more suitable for frying and other high-temperature food.

The smoke point of olive oil is about 120-180 degrees Celsius. Therefore, cooking, olive oil smoke more, and if used in deep-frying, olive oil is also more likely to produce oxidation substances, poor health.

For grape seed oil and olive oil smoke point, from all walks of life say different, mostly between 200 degrees Celsius 250 degrees Celsius and 120 degrees 180 degrees.

Grape seed oil is bad for health when it is overheated

Grape seed oil contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids, in the extremely high temperature deep-frying, oxidation reactions will make the internal structure of the oil unstable, than olive oil is more likely to produce harmful substances.

If very high temperature frying is needed, it is recommended to use safflower oil, sunflower oil, canola oil and so on with higher smoke point. Although the health value is not as good as grape seed oil, it is less likely to produce carcinogenic substances.

Olive oil has a distinctive aroma

Olive oil has a unique aroma and is ideal for people who love it.

In contrast, grape seed oil has less aroma. Spain and Italy use more olive oil to add flavor, while France uses more grape seed oil, which is considered more expressive of the original taste of the food.

Many people also believe that cold dishes are better served with olive oil.

Similar nutrient composition

Olive oil is dominated by “monounsaturated fatty acids” (omega-9), while grape seed oils are “polyunsaturated fatty acids” (omega-6), but the details of the chemical changes and nutrients are lengthy.

Simply put, grape seed oil and olive oil are very similar in efficacy, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. Both can lower cholesterol, anti-aging, reduce melanin in the body and so on.

Many people often ask which kind of oil has a high nutritional value. It can only be said that unless the body has a serious disease, doctors need to take a large amount of vitamin E, linseed oleic acid, and so on, otherwise under the general healthy diet situation, it is not necessary to pay special attention to.

In short, the nutritional value of the two similar, the biggest difference is that the unique “fragrance”, after all, delicious food, good mood, if you like olive oil, you have to eat olive oil! 

As for fried food. No fried food has ever been absolutely healthy. If you eat fried food frequently, you will definitely have health problems. 

The best way is to control the amount of fried food.

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