AIDS is not a terminal illness, why many patients will soon die?

In the impression of many people, AIDS is an incurable disease. 

But we have also heard that AIDS itself does not lead to death, but rather destroys our immune capacity, which in turn leads to an uncontrollable disease. 

At present, although AIDS can not be completely cured, but can be completely controlled, anti-viral treatment can inhibit the virus, to the current testing equipment in the body can not detect the level of HIV.

Now let’s specifically understand the treatment of AIDS.

Does the diagnosis of AIDS mean death? 

When a person is diagnosed with AIDS, may feel that the sky fell, at this time they most often think of the question is: am I sentenced to death? How much longer do I have to live? 

In the past, we all think that AIDS is very serious, this is indeed a fact.In the absence of anti-HIV drugs, AIDS is incurable disease. The doctor watched the patient die slowly, unable to give the patient any help, very helpless. 

Well, with the development of science and technology, drugs have been developed to treat AIDS. Over the past 30 years, scientists have developed more than 30 antiviral drugs. These drugs continue to improve the efficacy, side effects continue to reduce, and from the drug dose is smaller and easier to take, making the treatment of AIDS more convenient. 

A person infected with AIDS, how long he can live in the end, depends on several factors. 

1: time for diagnosis and time for infection. 

What does that mean? 

In other words, a person diagnosed with AIDS infection, the diagnosis of the time is not the time he infected, the person may have been infected for three months, may also be infected for six months. If a person is 20 years old and diagnosed in less than a year after infection, he can expect to live from 50 to 55 years on current treatments by taking antiviral drugs and sticking to them. In other words, he can live to 70 to 75 years old, which is very close to normal life expectancy. 

Does that mean AIDS isn’t scary? 

It’s not that simple. If the infection can not be detected in time, even if there is a good drug, it will not bring you back to life. 

At present, the annual diagnosis of HIV infection, there is a considerable proportion of the time of discovery is already clinical late, even if taking anti-viral drugs, can not save him. 

Half of the people who die of AIDS each year in China die that year when they are discovered. In other words, if not timely diagnosis and treatment, it will not live to life expectancy. 

2: stick to your medication. 

Insisting on taking medicine is a painful process, and not everyone can hold on to it. 

Taking antivirals requires patience and persistence. It will have toxic side effects, after all, the number of drugs will be toxic, need to rely on the will, patience, persistence, in order to survive. 

Only by persevering in it can we gain the initiative to fight disease, win this struggle, and live to a life expectancy close to that of healthy people. ” 

Although there are therapeutic drugs, it does not mean that the drug treatment is completely effective, prevention is the most important. 

Because after infection with AIDS, not only to the psychological pressure, but also to life a lot of inconvenience. 

It is difficult for healthy people to understand the mental stress of infected people, and only infected people can understand it. So we still have to promote a healthy lifestyle, prevention-oriented, not infected.

What are the clinical manifestations of AIDS? 

Let’s look at the clinical manifestations of AIDS. 

We all think that AIDS is some very characteristic disease, in fact, it is not. 

AIDS is the clinical symptoms of normal, healthy people common symptoms, but in AIDS-infected people more seriously reflected. 

For example, a cold, for a healthy person, take a little medicine, drink water, sleep, a few days to recover. So for a person infected with AIDS, a cold may take a month or even two months to recover. If immune function is very low, a cold can kill an infected person. 

For example, diarrhea, healthy people on a day or two to recover, or take some medicine on the line. But for AIDS-infected people, it may be a week, a month can not recover, and even diarrhea can not stop. 

In healthy people there are some bacteria in the body, such as the surface of the skin, oral cavity, nasal cavity, reproductive tract, digestive tract all have bacteria. So for healthy people, because the immune function is normal, these flora can maintain a balanced state in the body, do not lead to disease. 

And for AIDS-infected people, due to the decline in immunity, this balance is broken, even the normal flora, will also lead to disease in infected people. 

So we usually call this infection opportunistic. 

This kind of infection may manifest in the respiratory tract, the digestive tract, the reproductive tract, the skin aspect. Healthy person’s immune function is balanced, inside the body tumor, canceration cell can discover in time, clear, keep us healthy. 

But for infected people, because of the decline in immune function, cell mutations, especially cancer, the immune system can not control, so infected people are more likely to develop tumors than healthy people. 

Therefore, AIDS does not have some typical, characteristic, can be diagnosed at a glance symptoms, it is the most common symptoms of normal people in the infected body of a performance. 

However, AIDS patients with anti-infection and recovery capacity, are worse than normal people.

After infection with AIDS, how to live more healthily?

First, adjust your mood. Adapt yourself to the status of an infected person.

Although infected, but still able to live like a healthy person. Do not because of the infection, to their own psychological stress.

Second, insist on taking medicine. Drugs can control the replication of the virus in the body, so that the virus will not continue to disrupt immune function.

Third, it is still necessary to adhere to the appropriate exercise, can not stay up late, can not be tired. These are also important for healthy people. For an infected person, it is even more important.

Fourth, people infected with AIDS are unfortunate, but at the same time they are the most important main force in the fight against AIDS.

A really great AIDS person, will let AIDS stop here in their own.

In other words, do not continue to spread the virus to a second person, a third person. This is where the conscience, is also where the responsibility, this is also for the community to give love, but also for AIDS prevention and control to make contributions.

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