6 possible symptoms of childhood tumors

Modern people’s fast pace of life, coupled with a variety of pollution, food insecurity and other factors, easy to produce a lot of bad diseases on the human body.

Compared to adults, children’s physical resistance is poor, more susceptible to these diseases, tumor is one of the very dangerous.

When the child’s body appears the following bad condition, as soon as possible sends the hospital to examine.

1. Chronic low fever of unknown origin

If your child has an unexplained fever for a long time, be sure to be vigilant. 

Normal fever usually disappears or alleviates within 1 to 2 days after medication, but the abnormal fever caused by the tumor may be prolonged and difficult to treat. 

2. Unexplained pain

Once the child appears the joint ache continuously, bone ache or bellyache, the parent needs to be vigilant, the likelihood is tumour, had better take a child to the hospital check. 

Some tumors may spread to the bone, causing pain to the bone. 

3. Lymphadenopathy, pain

The nature of lymphocytes is to fight endlessly, and the lymph nodes and lymphoid tissues all over the body are their battlefields. [1]

Therefore, from the time we are born to the end of our lives, the two main battlefields are full of fierce fighting. It is not surprising that lymphocytes undergo qualitative changes in such a harsh environment and under intense working pressure. 

The malignant transformation of lymphocytes is known as lymphoma. 

Each normal person in his life will repeatedly occur lymph nodes and lymphoid tissue hyperplasia swelling. 

Lymphoma is not common, but we should be vigilant.

4. Bleeding of unknown origin. 

If your child bleeds regularly on the skin, mucous membranes, and nasal cavity, you need to pay special attention and take your child for a checkup immediately. [2]

In 40% of cases of leukemia, bleeding occurs in the early stages of the disease. Bleeding can occur in all parts of the body, often in the mouth, nasal cavity, gum and so on. 

5. A lump in the body. 

If the child if abdomen, neck, armpit and so on place, can feel the lump, then may be the early tumor symptom. 

6. Eye abnormalities. 

If your child has the following abnormal eye symptoms in the absence of trauma, take him or her for medical examination immediately: [3]

  • Eye protrusion. 
  • Strabismus. 
  • A marked drop in eyesight. 
  • White area in the center of the pupil. 
  • A large amount of blood is seen in the corner of the eye or in the inner part of the eye. 
  • Ulcer in the eye

There are now about 500000 children in the world suffering from all kinds of cancer, cancer is the number one killer of child deaths.

The most common form of childhood cancer is leukemia, which accounts for nearly 40%, which is why we hear so often that children with leukemia need bone marrow donations. This is followed by tumors of the nervous system, followed by bone and various soft tissue tumors.

Surgery + chemotherapy + radiotherapy is also used in the treatment of childhood tumors. Compared with adult cancer, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are often surprisingly effective for childhood cancer, and many children can be cured by conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy, even if bone marrow transplantation is not considered as a cure for leukemia.

Babies, or children of several years of age, must have a natural cause of cancer: either their parents have inherited the oncogene, or the fetus has mutated during pregnancy for a variety of reasons. 

The best way to prevent childhood cancer is to be more careful and attentive before and during pregnancy.

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