Three reasons why Japanese people live so long

When it comes to where people live the longest, many people think of an island country: Japan. 

Indeed, according to the World Health Statistics released by the World Health Organization in 2016, the average life expectancy of the Japanese is the longest, reaching 83.7 years, while the average life expectancy of women is 86.8 years, the highest in the world; Men are 80.5 years old, ranking third in the world. 

It’s an amazing statistic, and we’re dying to know why the Japanese live so long, and how they do it.

why do Japanese people live so long, and how do they do it?

Diversification of diet

As early as 1985, Japan’s Health Bureau issued guidelines on healthy eating, advocating that citizens should eat at least 30 kinds of ingredients a day in order to ensure comprehensive nutrition.

Adopt the “fixed food system” diet pattern: each meal is marked with grain, beans, potatoes, meat, eggs and milk, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, fish, and so on.

Diversified diet can ensure that the human body needs a comprehensive intake of nutrients, coupled with Japanese cuisine to “less salt, less oil,” mainly, and will not eat too full, the obesity rate in Japan has been maintained at about 4%, greatly reducing the incidence of chronic diseases.

Of course, Japanese food is often served with soy sauce, though it is light and less oily. Therefore, the Japanese government encourages people to eat less salt, such as eating only half of the soup of ramen noodles and only one bowl of soy sauce soup every day.

After all, high-salt foods not only hurt the lungs, but also lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other related diseases.

Advocacy movement

Japanese people because of the fast pace of life and pressure, usually there will be very little fixed exercise time, not to mention to go to the gym.

However, in their daily life, they usually use public transport or cycling as the main means of transportation.

As the famous longevity village in Japan, Nagano, the local government has also designed “healthy and long-lived exercises” for the elderly, encouraging them to do exercises actively, coupled with the high awareness of social participation and active participation in social activities of the old people.

Keep enough exercise, It’s also one of the reasons for prolonging life.

Comprehensive health insurance system

Japan’s insurance system is generally divided into three parts:

  • Basic national health insurance.
  • Servant’s insurance.
  • Elderly insurance system.

This system of geriatric health insurance is intended primarily for persons over 70 years of age, or for persons with disabilities aged 65 to 70 years.

With the implementation of the three major insurance systems, citizens can receive medical treatment at any time in any medical institution in Japan. Greatly ensure that the Japanese in the case of illness or injury, can facilitate timely treatment.

Of course, people’s longevity is also closely related to the country’s level of economic development and medical conditions.

The government not only pays attention to promoting people’s health awareness, but also has health management centers in almost every city.

The society also strongly advocates health guidance and regular physical examination, so that people can detect and prevent diseases as soon as possible.

In addition, the Japanese government vigorously implements a strict environmental protection system and a public health system to reduce the spread and spread of infectious diseases.

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