4 Food helps you protect your liver

There is a saying in Asian countries: eat what you want to protect. 

This applies to diet. For example, if a person wants to protect his own kidneys, they will eat the kidneys of animals. 

So many people who want to protect the liver, have started to eat the internal organs of animals, thinking that this method can protect their liver health. 

However, the need to support the liver, as well as liver disease patients, try not to choose animal visceral intake to care for the liver.

Chinese Family Cuisine: fried Pork liver

Why aren’t the viscera of animals suitable for tonifying the liver?

Judging from a variety of chemical reactions dealt with by the liver, it is the place where all kinds of toxins are treated, and the liver is responsible for the process of processing, excreting and combining toxins.

The liver often contains some toxins, plus liver disease patients have varying degrees of liver damage, if you eat the liver of animals, not only to your liver is not good, but increased the liver burden.

In addition, heavy metals, such as copper, are hidden in the internal organs of animals.

Because the liver function is not complete, the liver processes the copper balance ability in the body to be low, the surplus cannot process the copper, can accumulate in the liver and the liver tissue, and causes the anemia, the jaundice, the hepatic encephalopathy and even the cirrhosis.

What nutrition suits to raise liver to protect liver? 

First, it should be high in protein and moderate in calories. 

Liver disease is divided into different stages, however, chronic hepatitis B stable period, there is no clear nutritional problems, usually just need to maintain nutritional balance can. 

If in the active phase of hepatitis or late, it is not suitable for high-protein diet.

What are the foods that promote liver health? 

Fish and bean products. 

Because this kind of food is helpful for the human body muscle growth, is easier for the human body absorption utilization, therefore, raises the liver daily to be possible to choose the bean product and the fish meat, take balanced diet as the principle. 

Fruits and vegetables and mushrooms. 

Because such foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, help balance the meat and vegetables, so that the principle of a balanced diet more efficient to play a role. 

Grain and rice. 

Because they are rich in carbohydrates, you can timely supplement the body needed to heat, help improve liver metabolism and conditioning immunity. 

Dairy products and eggs. 

As high-quality protein food, eggs also contain fat, vitamins, minerals and so on, nutrient-rich suitable for human absorption and utilization.Including milk, eggs, dairy products and so on are suitable for liver and liver disease patients diet.

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