Can diabetics drink beer?

Diabetes, a disease that requires a lifetime of sugar control, is based on diet in order to control blood sugar. 

Many diabetics believe that the alcohol content is too high, drinking will certainly be bad for blood sugar, and beer is often only 8, 10 degrees, the alcohol content is low, drinking on the blood sugar has little effect. Therefore, people with diabetes can drink beer. 

Is this true?

The effect of Alcohol on Blood Sugar. 

We often hear people with diabetes say that alcohol can lower blood sugar, after drinking blood sugar will lower. This statement is true, but it is not entirely true. Why would you say that? 

One of the effects of alcohol on blood sugar is to inhibit gluconeogenesis, which is to prevent the conversion of non-sugar substances into glucose. So, in the short term after drinking alcohol, it does lower blood sugar, but this often has two consequences. 

1. Risk of hypoglycemia. 

We know that diabetes should not only pay attention to high blood sugar, but also pay attention to low blood sugar. After excessive drinking, the higher the alcohol concentration, the greater the inhibition of gluconeogenesis. Then there is a risk of hypoglycemia. 

2. The decrease of blood sugar is temporary. 

When the alcohol concentration drops and we wake up, the inhibition of gluconeogenesis disappears, causing a rebound increase in blood sugar, which is also bad for diabetics.

Why don’t diabetics drink beer?

Some people think beer has a low alcohol content, so diabetics can drink beer.

In fact, beer has a very low alcohol content, but it is very high in calories, a can of beer equivalent to the heat of half a bowl of rice. 

And when we drink beer, usually not drink a can, but will drink one or two bottles, or even a few bottles, invisible among the intake of more calories. 

Too much beer can also lead to excess alcohol consumption. 

Alcohol can directly damage the liver and induce cirrhosis. Alcohol can also damage the pancreas, inhibit glycogen decomposition in the liver, and induce hypoglycemia. 

Excessive drinking can increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and so on, so it is recommended that diabetics abstain from alcohol as much as possible. 

But if the blood sugar control is good, does not have the serious complication, at ordinary times may moderate drink some liquor.

People with diabetes who drink alcohol should pay attention to: 

We will strictly control the amount of alcohol we drink. 

Drink no more than 2 times a week, and no more than 1 unit of alcohol per drink. Conversion, it is about each drink beer no more than 400 ml, red wine 150 ml, white wine 50 ml. 

Before drinking, eat staple food, do not drink on an empty stomach. 

Because fasting alcohol is easy to induce serious hypoglycemia, so drink before you can eat food cakes, sweet potatoes and other staple foods. 

The quantity of heat in the wine cannot be ignored. 

Drink wine to reduce staple food quantity accordingly, every drink 1 alcohol unit, want to eat the staple food of 25 grams less or so. If do not control the quantity of heat of wine, easily cause gain weight, aggravation blood sugar problem.

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