Kitchen fumes are the chief culprit for cancer in women

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in women, after breast cancer, according to a new report from China’s National Cancer Center this year.

The number of lung cancer cases among women aged 40-50 is already close to that of men, reaching 1:1.

However, the smoking rate of Chinese women is very low. Why is the incidence of lung cancer so “incongruous”?.

The leading cause of lung cancer in women

The investigation of the causes of lung cancer for 5 years showed that 70% of the male patients died of smoking, and only 18% of the female patients died of lung cancer caused by smoking or passive smoking for a long time. 

So when men smoke, what do non-smoking women do? 

Cooking, of course! 

The survey found that among non-smokers, more than 60 percent of women with lung cancer not only cook at home, but also inhale cooking fumes in the kitchen for a long time. 

Among the risk factors for lung cancer among non-smoking women, more than 60 percent were exposed to kitchen fumes for a long time; 32 percent of women cooked food in hot oil and fried food, while the doors and windows of the kitchen were closed. Kitchen small environment lampblack pollution is serious; 25% of women’s home kitchen connected to the bedroom, few windows in winter, high temperature lampblack for a long time, and even sleep in smoke; 

Investigation shows that this cause of lung cancer in middle-aged and elderly women in particular in patients with lung cancer risk factors up to 2-3 times that of normal people. 

This is because the kitchen cooking high temperature fumes produced toxic fumes, so that local environmental deterioration, toxic smoke long-term irritation of the eyes and throat, injury to respiratory cells, if not enough protective measures, it is easy to make lung cancer.

Kitchen fumes can do more harm than you can imagine

Chinese kitchens are filled with dust and toxic fumes, and the environment is even worse than that of factories and streets filled with car exhaust! 

There are two remarkable characteristics in Chinese cooking: one is more oil, the other is more high temperature frying and stir-frying. These two characteristics bring delicious Chinese food at the same time, but also brought a lot of lampblack. 

A January 2013 haze survey by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that food sources accounted for 13% of the PM2.5 at the time, equivalent to the combined share of “Beijing ground dust” and “industrial emissions.” 

To make matters worse, the fumes also contain large amounts of carcinogens. According to industry insiders, the pollution caused by cooking oil fumes in the kitchen is even more serious than that caused by automobile exhaust.

How to reduce the harm of kitchen lampblack?

  • Choose refined edible oil, refined oil produced relatively less fumes.
  • Choose the lampblack machine with strong effect, avoid “lampblack syndrome”, reduce lampblack harm.
  • Clean the filter of lampblack machine regularly to ensure the effect of fume extraction.
  • Turn on the range hood in advance. Every time the gas stove is ignited or flameout, the gas will leak out, and when the gas is burned, it will also produce waste gas.
  • Postpone shutting down the range hood. As soon as you finish cooking, turn off the lampblack machine, which will cause the lampblack not to be completely clean. The lampblack machine operates for another ten minutes or so to ensure that the lampblack is discharged completely.
  • Avoid cooking and frying repeatedly, as the oil cooked repeatedly contains a lot of harmful substances.
  • Clean the grease from the pan in time. If the food is not cleaned in time after stir-frying, the residual oil will be heated twice, resulting in more fumes. Whether it is inside the pot or the outside of the pot, are the culprits that produce fumes.
  • Open the kitchen window. Open lampblack machine at the same time, open the window of kitchen, assist lampblack discharge.

Prevention of lung cancer

In recent years, many young women like to eat fried food, surveys believe that this is also a big risk.

Among the risk factors of lung cancer in 13.4% of young non-smoking women, “eating fried food on the roadside” was the most common risk factor. Investigation found that roadside fried food is often used poor oil, and repeatedly high temperature heating, high temperature fumes toxic and harmful gas concentration, the eyes and throat damage is very big. Often eat in the roadside fried food, prone to lung cancer is also three times the risk of ordinary people.

Therefore, the prevention of lung cancer in addition to away from air pollution, high temperature fumes, ionizing radiation, virus infection, but also pay attention to diet and nutrition.

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