How to distinguish antibiotics from anti-inflammatory drugs? How to use it?

It was cold and I caught a cold by accident. 

Or sore throat, toothache, eye pain. The body is a little uncomfortable, many people will think of taking anti-inflammatory drugs. 

But most people do not distinguish between anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, is likely to take the common antibiotics as anti-inflammatory drugs, leading to drug abuse. 

How to distinguish antibiotics from anti-inflammatory drugs? What’s this got to do with anything? Let’s hear what the professional pharmacist has to say.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are not the same as antibiotics

If we must talk about anti-inflammatory drugs, can only be taken literally, anti-inflammatory drugs should be referred to the elimination of the drug. 

Roughly speaking, the typical manifestation of inflammation is nothing more than “red, swollen, hot, pain”, then, the closest to the concept of medicine is “to eliminate swelling and pain” drugs. 

Ibuprofen, for example, is a classic anti-inflammatory drug that works directly against fever and pain. 

Some hormones also have anti-inflammatory effects, usually under the guidance of a doctor, not to mention here. 

But antibiotic is different, it can fight some cause of disease bacteria, directly to the cause of treatment, will not go to “anti-inflammatory”, so antibiotics are not “anti-inflammatory medicine”.

Don’t abuse antibiotics

In fact, the abuse of antibiotics is a worldwide problem, and the consequences of the abuse of antibiotics-bacteria drug resistance. 

More commonly, bacterial resistance, once developed, causes many drugs that would otherwise be effective to gradually fail. 

I believe you also do not want to encounter a bacterial infection in the future when there is no cure for it.

Distinguish between anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics

Perhaps everybody wants to ask, medicine is so much, how to know which is antibiotic, which is the Antiphlogistic of antipyretic analgesia? 

Actually, just one move-read the instructions. 

Antibiotics have the words “better for certain bacteria” in their instructions, but anti-inflammatory drugs do not. 

In addition to reading the instructions, we also teach you a simple method of identification. 

The name includes the medicine of the tetracycline, Cillin, cephalosporin, cyclin, floxacin, sulfonate, it is antibiotic commonly, must press the requirement of the doctor and medicaments specification will use.

Precautions for taking antibiotics

Do not think that he is well not to take medicine, we must follow the process of medication. 

Infected bacteria is sick, need to take medicine, ate two days to feel a bit better, afraid of the so-called “side effects” will not eat, this situation is very familiar to us. 

In fact, this is also a hole in their own hole. 

Because bacteria are like roaches that can’t be killed, when you use antibiotics to deal with them, if you don’t “kill all the people and kill them off,” and bacteria develop resistance, they will learn from their mistakes and make a comeback. And every time it comes back, it’s a lot stronger than it was before, and then the antibiotics that work now don’t work. 

So, how long should I take the medicine? 

In fact, antibiotics are generally written on the specification of the treatment cycle, when taking medicine, please do not less than this time, do not casually stop drug. 

Be sure to consult your doctor, do not refer to any website instructions, because the needs of different people are different dosage.

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