Morning run or night run, which is the most “fat burning”?

Some people like the tranquility of night running, others like the freshness of morning running. So what is the difference between morning running and night running, which will be healthier?

For people who want to lose weight, which one should they choose?

Selection factors of morning running and night running


It is said that going to bed early and getting up early is good for your health, but how many people can do it? Running in the morning is a great part of a healthy lifestyle, and it keeps you energized, but the first thing you need to do is go to bed early and get up early. If you go to bed late but have to force yourself to fight against getting up early, the results may not be very good. 

So if you can’t get to bed early, it might be better to run at night. 

Air quality

There is a common misconception about running in the morning: carbon dioxide levels are higher when the sun is not out. In fact, this is wrong, in the atmosphere, whether it is oxygen or carbon dioxide concentration is basically constant, there will be no large fluctuations. 

But if it is in autumn and winter, you need to pay extra attention to the morning weather, whether there is haze, whether there is frost, whether the temperature is extremely low, and so on. 

Get up in the morning first look at air quality index, if the air quality is poor, do not go out to run, indoor exercise or make a breakfast, at this time not only do not run, other time also do not run, as long as the air quality index up to standard. Most of the time, outdoor running is fine. 

Grease burning effect

This is also a point of concern, after all, we run not only to exercise, but also to maintain a healthy body for the reason. 

Some people think that after an all-night rest, the body burns out its glycogen, so running in the morning will take away more fat. 

This is wrong, the body’s energy supply is not just glycogen, so do not worry about it, morning running, night running burn the same amount of fat.

So, to sum up, we can probably come to the morning run and night run are OK, to look at the weather, look at their own personal factors, freedom of choice. 

But whether it’s a morning run or a night run, there’s something you should pay attention to:

  • Let yourself have a glass of warm water before running in the morning. Do not have to eat, mainly look at the individual, if you feel hungry, that can choose to eat a piece of bread, but must not eat too much. 
  • Winter morning running with a towel, exercise sweating timely dry, can prevent colds. 
  • Run at night an hour after you finish dinner. Don’t run at night immediately after dinner. 
  • Night run as far as possible to a safe place, the girls had better be accompanied. 
  • No matter morning run or night run, should pay attention to shoes to prevent slippery, breathable.
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