Can only eat fruit for dinner to lose weight? Nutritional imbalances may occur

If you ask others what to eat in the evening, often receive such an answer, do not eat too much dinner in the evening, eat some fruit to lose weight. 

Can replacing dinner with fruit really can achieve the effect that reduce weight?

Three good meals a day is the foundation of good health

Do not eat staple food weight loss method is not feasible, vegetables can not replace the staple food, fruit can not replace the staple food. Fruit can only be used as a supplement to the main meal.

More than 40 nutrients are now known to be needed by the human body, all of which are derived from a variety of foods. Protein, fat and carbohydrate are the three most needed nutrients in human body. They are called macro nutrients, which are essential nutrients and play an important role in human physiology.

Fruit is rich in water, usually sugar, but very little protein, and almost no human body essential fatty acids, eating fruit is far from meeting the needs of the human body for macro nutrients.

Therefore, do not eat fruit, eat too little is no good, eat too much is no good.

Fruit instead of dinner is not good, want to eat more fruit, do not eat the way to lose weight is not good.

People who lose weight in this way think fruit has less energy, but that’s not the case.

The sugar content of fruit is generally high, and is easy to digest sugar, although the same quality of fruit than rice contains less energy, but much higher than the same quality of vegetables, fruit needs to eat in moderation.

In addition, it is easy for people to overeat fruit, because sweet and delicious, unwittingly too much sugar intake, the results are likely not to lose weight but lead to obesity, and may occur nutritional imbalance problems.

Eating fruit to lose weight is a big misconception

Vegetables and fruits are important sources of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytochemicals. Although vegetables and fruits have a lot in common, they are different kinds of food and have different nutritional value advantages.

Vegetables, especially dark vegetables, contain more vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytochemicals than fruits, so fruits cannot replace vegetables.

On the other hand, fruits in the diet can supplement the problem of insufficient intake of vegetables. Fruits contain more carbohydrates, organic acids and aromatic substances than fresh vegetables, and the fruits are easy to eat and do not need cooking and heating. Nutrients are not compromised by cooking, so vegetables are no substitute for fruit.

It’s just a legend that you don’t eat dinner to lose weight

First, skipping dinner for a long time can affect your health. 

Stomach will continue to secrete gastric acid, do not eat dinner easy to suffer from gastric ulcer, the loss outweighs the gain. 

Second, dieting lowers basal metabolism. 

Basal metabolism, which is popularly understood, is the minimum amount of calories you consume every day, reducing basal metabolism, which is a defense of your own, you reduce your intake of energy, and the body cleverly lowers basal metabolism naturally, once you get back to eating dinner. And your consumption doesn’t change, so the rest of the energy is stored and turned into fat. 

Eat the right dinner to lose weight. 

  • First, dinner should not be eaten too late. 
  • Second, don’t overeat for dinner. 
  • Third, the dinner should be light. 
  • Fourth, food order to remember. If there is soup, you can drink the soup first, and then eat vegetables, meat, and finally the main food after you finish the soup. 
  • Fifth, eating these for dinner can help you lose weight. If the daytime vegetables eat less, dinner can eat more vegetables, appropriate lean meat, fish, more food containing dietary fiber, such as sweet potatoes, vegetables, fruits and so on.

It’s hard to lose fat just by skipping dinner, and while the weight is light, it’s followed by a terrible weight gain. 

As a matter of fact, you can’t lose weight by skipping dinner, and you should be careful when diseases come to you.

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