The longevity of people, these four characteristics will basically have!

People to a certain age, will pay more attention to their own physical maintenance. On the one hand began to pay attention to health, on the other hand is through reading self-cultivation.

There are many different ways to live longer, but the core of longevity is to keep your body in balance.

So what are the characteristics that make it easier for people to live longer? And how should we take care of our health and prolong our life span? Let’s find out today!

The four main characteristics of a long-lived old person are as follows: 

First of all, good appetite and good sleep are normal. 

Old people of a certain age at home, if there is a good appetite, eat anything fragrant, this is a very good feature. After all, a good appetite means that there is nothing wrong with the body’s digestive tract and gastrointestinal system; a good sleep state means that you can maintain a good biological clock, go to bed early and get up early, and be full of energy. 

Second, a positive attitude. 

People who have a good temper, are patient, and don’t get angry easily, are actually better able to keep their bodies healthy. The crowd that often mood fluctuates very big, let heart accumulate depression easily, increase the probability that suffers from disease to change. 

Again, the leg is clean. 

On a certain age of the elderly, if there is no problem affecting the movement of the legs, every day to be able to adhere to a walk, can improve their immunity. But if there is any disease, such as gout, there is often leg pain, foot swelling, will be more lazy to walk, so that the physical decline. 

Finally, the excretion is unobstructed. 

If the excretion system remains normal, the digestive system, as in the first case, is normal. The waste and toxins inside the body can leave the body with the excreta, and the natural internal environment of the body can reach a balanced state.

What do people who live longer have in common?

First, eat well

Longevity of the elderly will generally eat better, want to live a long time to pay attention to the various aspects of the diet, nutrition is not a supplement.

But to ensure the reasonable planning of three meals a day, pay attention to the diversity of diet, pay attention to meat and vegetable collocation, the premise of a reasonable diet can not overeat, diet to maintain a variety of nutrients intake, such as vitamins, minerals and protein.

Second, sleep well

Getting enough sleep is a prerequisite for good health.

Sleep can adjust the function of the body, ensure the stability of the endocrine system. Lack of sleep will cause a lot of health problems, leading to organ weakness, the time of sleep should be controlled, not too short or too long, seven or eight hours of sleep a day can be guaranteed.

Third, drink enough

Drinking water can ensure the normal metabolism, can make the blood flow more smoothly, the daily water intake should be maintained in 2000 ml or so, which can greatly reduce the probability of kidney disease, drinking water is very good, it is best to choose plain water, try not to choose drinks or tea instead.

Fourth, fitness

The human body is like a machine, lack of exercise will rust, maintain good regular exercise habits, can improve the human body’s resistance to disease, but also can avoid the occurrence of disease, life will be extended naturally, sports can improve the quality of the body, more healthy.

Fifth,Quit smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol is harmful and do not have profit, tobacco and alcohol enters human body hind, can produce very big harm to health, light person can cause inflammation, heavy meeting induces cancer, can cause very big menace to human body life.

Sixth, the mentality of peace

As age increases, the telomere structure at both ends of the chromosome will gradually become shorter. Besides exercise and diet can extend telomerase, a good psychological state is equally important.

Maintaining an optimistic attitude towards life, love for life, rich social contact and appropriate tolerance can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and strokes, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and ensure smooth breathing.

In addition, regular physical examination, understanding their blood pressure, blood sugar, can be very good to prevent coronary heart disease and stroke, found that the tumor needs early intervention, prognosis effect increased.

Perhaps, many people will feel that “I know the truth, but real life can not do”.

In fact, longevity is not simple, but it is not difficult to say difficult.

Everyone’s habits are different, but to live a long life we need to pay more attention to the attitude and details of life.

Everyone has different values, but the most important thing to remember is this:

The meaning of a person’s life, not simply to the length of life as a standard, but should be measured by the quality of life and thickness.

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