4 natural ways to prevent calcium loss (no calcium tablets)

Speaking of calcium loss, we have to mention the human skeleton this one calcium storage. The calcium that the human body absorbs is stored in this calcium storehouse, when the calcium in human body blood is little, calcium storehouse releases calcium to the blood, contrary, the calcium in blood is more, can store in bone. 

When human bones are able to store less and less calcium, this is called calcium loss.

Causes of calcium loss

Decreased sex hormone levels. 

Estrogen can promote the proliferation of osteoblasts inhibit the effect of parathyroid hormone on osteoblasts prevent bone absorption and promote the production of lysosomal enzymes in osteoclasts. But as age increases, especially in women after menopause, the level of sex hormones in the human body drops, and the bones begin to loosen, leading to a decline in the bone’s ability to store calcium. 

Genetic cause. 

Bone mineral density (BMD) is the main index to judge osteoporosis. BMD varies with race, sex and so on, and is closely related to heredity. Worldwide, bone mineral density and bone mineral peaks in Chinese are lower than those in other races, while those in blacks are the highest. In both sexes, the bone mineral density of women was lower than that of men. Studies have shown that mothers have osteoporosis, and daughters are 1.5 times more likely to have osteoporosis than normal people. 

Dietary nutrition factor. 

We know that the balance of nutrients can promote calcium absorption and bioavailability, but with the growth of age, the human body digestion function decreased year by year, the nutrient elements in food absorption become worse, resulting in the loss of calcium absorption capacity of the human body. Dietary salt is also a major factor affecting calcium excretion, the more salt intake, the more calcium excretion in urine, and calcium absorption is worse. 

Exercise reduction. 

Exercise can promote the secretion of growth hormone, promote blood calcium storage to the bone, when the human body exercise, will also cause blood calcium to store to bone tissue, increase bone mineral density. 

Calcium is an essential element for living things. There is a need for calcium to participate in every stage of human growth and development. Insufficient or excessive calcium content in the body will affect the growth and development and health.

How should do scientific supplement calcium? 

Take more calcium while you are young. 

The younger the age, the stronger the ability to absorb calcium, calcium supplementation in young age can increase calcium storage, reduce the probability of osteoporosis later in life. Especially the female family has a history of osteoporosis population, because osteoporosis is susceptible to genetic factors, this kind of population should pay more attention to calcium. 

Strengthen physical exercise. 

Keeping a good exercise habit when you are young can promote bone absorption and increase calcium reserves. Middle-aged and elderly people can take a more moderate way of exercise, more walking, do more simple physical exercise, and so on. 

Develop healthy eating habits and a balanced diet. 

The balance of nutrients can promote the body’s absorption of calcium in food. Can eat rich in magnesium food, seafood and so on. Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables can increase the bioavailability of calcium. Dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend 300-500 grams of vegetables and 200-350 grams of fruits per person per day. Reduce the intake of sweets and sodium salt, and eat fewer salted foods. 

Develop good living habits. 

Ensure adequate sleep, adequate sleep can regulate the body endocrine, promote the secretion of growth hormone, but also promote the absorption of calcium; more sun, promote the production of vitamin D; stop smoking and limit alcohol.

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