Can onions be cut open and put in the house to prevent colds?

It has long been said on the Internet that putting an onion in your home can absorb germs and prevent the flu. The main reason is that onions can absorb cold bacteria in the environment, cut onions black is because of the adsorption of bacteria and viruses in the air. Is this true? Can onions really prevent colds? 

There is no scientific basis for onions to prevent colds

Scientists have never shown that onions can act like magnets to bacteria or viruses in the air. Whether it’s the common cold or the flu, viruses are caused by viruses that require a host to proliferate, and they simply can’t move across the room outside the host’s body. So whether you leave chopped, skinned or intact onions in the room, they don’t protect against colds or flu. 

Enzymatic Browning of Onion

Onions turn black the next day when they are cut off, not because of viruses or bacteria, but because of a very common food chemical reaction, enzymatic browning. 

Enzymatic browning refers to the oxidation reaction between phenolase and phenols in plant cells, and then browning occurs, such as potatoes, yams, apples, pears, peaches and so on. When the onion is cut, the intact cells are destroyed, so everything is mixed together, including phenolases and polyphenols. At the same time, because the cells are destroyed, these substances are oxidized by oxygen in the air and turn brown. 

The best way to prevent influenza is to wash your hands often and stay away from colds or flu patients to avoid getting infected with the virus.

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