Knee joint is damaged, why supplement calcium to have no effect?

If the knee is not normally well protected, some incorrect movement posture, or too heavy burden, will lead to wear and tear.

The bone surface has a layer of cartilage tissue, when this layer of tissue by wear and tear, may fall off, and even cause pain and other problems, the impact on people is still very big.

So, can calcium supplements help us repair this membrane? Let’s find out the answer to this question below.

Knee injury, knee joint.

Does knee cartilage damage fill calcium useful?

It’s basically useless, mainly because it’s the cartilage, not the bone, that’s worn down. Calcium, on the other hand, has no repair effect on cartilage.

In addition, there is another point is that calcium or health products are generally taken orally to supplement the nutrients, but oral, it will certainly pass through the stomach, and then in the stomach through the digestion of various enzymes; There are very few nutrients that can really be absorbed by the gut, let alone the knee joint.

So the answer to the question of whether calcium supplementation is useful for knee cartilage damage is no.

The best way is to go to the hospital in time, under the guidance of doctors, rehabilitation treatment. At the same time, do a good job of knee protection.

How to protect your knees? 

Engage in proper exercise. 

Exercise is a good way to protect the knee and increase its flexibility. We had better find some more suitable for their own exercise, and then stick to it. 

Especially with the growth of age, the speed of knee joint degeneration is also getting faster and faster, it is easy to appear a variety of problems such as stiffness of the knee joint. At this time, it is more appropriate to exercise in order to avoid premature weight bearing knee joint. 

Keep your knees warm. 

Everyone has a love of beauty, especially now young people, even in winter, men will show their ankles in order to look good, some women still wear short skirts and shorts, so that the knee is in a cold state of knee injury is very big. 

May be young, not yet obvious, but so a little older, the side effects will come up, so it is recommended that we had better protect the knee joint. When it’s cold, wear something warm so that you don’t suffer later. 

Weight control. 

If too obese, it is also a burden on the knee joint. Therefore, it is best to properly weight control, to avoid obesity. You can work on exercise or diet. 

Try to avoid inappropriate forms of exercise. 

Mainly includes the movement posture as well as the movement type, for example the long time long distance walk, the long time squats, the mountain climbing, frequently ascends the stairs and so on, these can aggravate the knee joint the abrasion, therefore must pay attention. 

Knee wear is a chronic process that takes time to react to, so it’s best to protect yourself in advance.

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