How to prevent coffee from yellowing teeth?

Coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans and is one of the world’s most popular beverages along with cocoa and tea.

You might have a good cup of coffee in the afternoon or morning to keep you in a good mood throughout the day.

But when you smile in front of the mirror, you may not be happy, why are my teeth yellow?

Unfortunately, drinking coffee on a regular basis can stain your teeth and cause them to turn yellowish, which many coffee lovers cannot avoid.

However, we have an easy way to help you solve this problem.

Why do coffee, tea and red wine stain teeth?

First of all, the enamel on the surface of teeth is not as smooth and dense as that of porcelain. There are countless tiny holes in the enamel.

Coffee, tea, red wine, these famous colored drinks, contain a substance called tannin, it is dark brown.

If it is applied to the tooth for a long time, it will penetrate into the inside of the tooth and cause the staining of the tooth.

Once the stain is formed, as if coffee had been spilled on the carpet, common cleaning methods, such as brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth, are difficult to remove.

The teeth become a uniform yellow color, and over time, as the tannin gets deeper in the teeth, the yellow saturation will be further increased, and the increase in saturation will lead to a decrease in the brightness of the teeth, and the teeth will look less white.

Drinking coffee through a straw?

So if you want white teeth, it’s best to avoid or reduce contact with coffee.

If you can’t cut down on the amount of coffee you drink, try drinking through a straw.

But isn’t drinking coffee through a straw a little weird?

Solve the problem with milk

So is there a way to have it both ways?

Of course there is, and it’s simple.

Add milk to your coffee.

Some people say, “because milk is white, it has the effect of reducing tooth color.” Is that right? Of course not.

As mentioned earlier, tannic acid plays a significant role in tooth staining. Milk contains casein, which can bind to tannic acid and reduce the free tannic acid, thus weakening the infiltration of tannic acid into teeth and greatly weakening the staining effect of coffee on teeth.

So after drinking coffee more milk, calcium, but also reduce the teeth stain.

Cappuccino and matcha are coffee drinks that contain a lot of milk.

Additional, after drinking coloured beverage, had better be able to drink gargle of clear water gargle again, touched coke on seeming metope, should wipe in time only, also won’t leave what mark.

In addition, water can also neutralize the acid in the drink to prevent tooth decay.

If your teeth are already brown from the coffee

Now, as I said, this stain is deep inside the tooth, unlike the lumps of smoke on the surface of the tooth, so if you clean your teeth, it’s not going to work.

There are some whitening toothpastes on the market, which have a certain effect on the slight coloring of teeth. Such toothpastes usually contain some low-concentration peroxides or polyphosphates, which can directly affect the pigment and make the teeth white again.

But because of safety concerns, the concentration of the active ingredient in toothpaste is not very high, the effect is relatively limited.

If the staining is severe or the whiteness of the teeth is desired, seek professional help from the dentist.

Dentists have higher concentrations of various bleach agents that can safely, efficiently, comfortably, and quickly whiten teeth back to whiter than before.

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