Baidu has been criticized by Chinese netizens for overpresenting its products

Google is the number one search engine on the world’s Internet chessboard, and in China, for a variety of reasons, baidu is number one.

But Chinese Internet users aren’t happy with baidu, and the company often gets bad press.

Different from Google, baidu search engine is more about presenting its own products for search results. Baidu has its own BBS, encyclopedia, question and answer platform, library, information website and a series of platforms.

When you search information in baidu, what you get is often not the website of a few enterprises and individual, however baidu oneself product.

Recently, baidu launched a product called “baijia hao”, which attracted numerous authors to baidu’s website to submit articles for writing, and promoted the content of “baijia hao” to search users first.

According to netizens’ feedback, baidu’s own products account for more than 50% of the search results of many popular keywords.

Search engine baidu is dead

On January 22, 2019, a WeChat user posted an article, which was responded by Chinese netizens.


In this article, the author severely criticized baidu to its own products as the first. It also points out that although baijia’s works are numerous and promoted by baidu, the content quality of baijia is poor, and many authors only make money, rather than provide high-quality content.

If you have used baidu in the last six months, you may have noticed a phenomenon: more than half of the search results you see on the first page will point to baidu’s own products.

Baijia is the media platform of baidu. When it was first launched, it used to focus on high-quality authors and high-quality content. After several adjustments, baijia has now become a content platform with the marketing number as the main body — the content is all-inclusive, with a large quantity and poor quality.

No matter what you search, the content that appears is the article of 100 house number. The address is:
No matter what you search, the content that appears is the article of 100 house number. The address is:
No matter what you search, the content that appears is the article of 100 house number. The address is:

The author points out that baidu has changed from a search engine for netizens to an “internal search engine” for profit. No matter what you do, you are bringing traffic and profit to baidu.

Baidu, the search engine, is dead. is no longer the place where you look for Chinese Internet content. What it leads you to is not the high-quality spiritual food in the Chinese Internet, but the rancid and deteriorated contents in your own house.

It is sad to write that the Chinese Internet has degenerated to such a level that there is no search engine left.

Why can baidu do what it wants

For some reason, Google is not accessible in China, while baidu has become an irreplaceable search engine due to its good coordination with China’s Internet environment.

Baidu’s two rivals, 360 search and sogou search, do not have the potential to surpass baidu in a short period of time, just like bing can hardly surpass Google.

According to baidu, this is done to make it easier for users to search and improve the user experience.

Because baidu does not have too much worry, be aimed at this thing so, do not have too much reply.

Google and baidu

Although baidu occupies the absolute position of China’s search engine, Google is definitely the search engine that Chinese people most want to use, because Google aims at service owners and users, while baidu aims at making profits.

In Google, you can search the desired results very quickly, while in baidu, you can search the relevant ads very quickly.

At present, China is forming a relatively isolated situation.

WeChat, taobao, weibo and many other high-quality brands have rejected baidu’s inclusion, because baidu cannot create a fair source of traffic, so they prefer to create high-quality content to attract users to their products.

China’s Internet openness is fading.

China’s Internet needs a new revolution, which will drive out copying and handling, and re-establish a good environment for those who strive to create high-quality content.

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