10 Cardiovascular Risk Factors Needing Urgent Changes

Heart disease, stroke and heart disease are one of the diseases that kill the most people every year. 

Most interestingly, the top 10 risk factors can easily be reduced by adapting to some habits. This shows us that in order to live better and better, we only need to make a few small changes.

10 Cardiovascular Risk Factors Needing Urgent Changes


Tobacco is directly related to the risk of cardiovascular diseases.This occurs through several mechanisms: first, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, thus enhancing the effects related to cardiovascular diseases.On the other hand, it also accelerates the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques.

It is estimated that the risk of cardiovascular diseases among smokers is three times that of non – smokers.However, in addition, non-smokers will also be affected by smoking, so smoking increases the risks of all people and all aspects.

Tobacco not only affects our cardiovascular health, but also affects us in many ways.We know it is not easy to give up.Quitting smoking is extremely complicated.There is no cure ( excellent or rare ) that is absolutely correct, and there is no miracle.However, changing the habit of smoking will help us keep our health.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are both factors related to heart disease.Studies have shown that pressure under challenging circumstances, especially in childbirth and emotional problems, poses risks to our cardiovascular health.The same thing happens to uncontrolled anxiety.It is important to maintain control over the environment in which this emotion is generated.

You can relieve pressure in many ways, such as:

  • Fitness
  • Consult a psychologist
  • Tourism
  • Drug control

However, experts believe that anxiety is not a problem ( as long as it does not reach the pathological level ).You need to control your mental state to prevent anxiety from getting out of control.


Now the role of cholesterol in our bodies is no longer demonized.However, we need to worry about their level and how they affect us, because cholesterol is related to our cardiovascular health.

In short, so-called ” bad” cholesterol can clog blood vessels and arterial walls, forming atherosclerotic plaques.

Uncontrolled cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart and lung diseases.Fortunately, a good diet, rich in vegetables and fiber, fish and healthy fats, nuts … helps us reduce excessive radiation levels and maintain them at an appropriate level.

On the other hand, exercise and sports activities are important ways to maintain cholesterol balance.


Closely related to the previous question, hypertension is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases.Hypertension, as a disease, may occur at any age, but especially from the age of 40.It is caused by blood pressure rise caused by various reasons.

For example, we know that tobacco, excessive fat, sugar, salt and sedatives help to increase hypertension.What can we do to reduce it?Adequate food, reduced salt, sugar and fat, and some exercise are enough to maintain adequate blood pressure.


Overweight and obesity are considered to be the most common epidemics in the world.This also has a lot to do with everything above.Obesity is a very serious dilemma, which greatly increases the risk of heart disease.

In some cases, losing weight seems complicated.Fortunately, we have hundreds of ways, technologies, help and methods to achieve it:

  • Take part in fitness
  • Control diet
  • Aerobic exercise


Diabetes is another risk factor.If you already have diabetes, you can only keep good control.But if we haven’t suffered from diabetes, it is necessary to understand and prevent it.

So we can do some exercise, a method that has been proved to reduce the incidence of diabetes.We can also avoid it through proper diet, which is one of the determinants of the disease.

What food can prevent diabetes?They are mainly beans and grains rich in fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables.We must avoid eating foods with too much sugar, sugar and fat.

Oral health

There is no doubt that we can say that health begins in the mouth.Dental health care, reduction of tooth decay and prevention of tooth-related problems are essential prerequisites for taking care of our digestion and our health.Therefore, poor oral health is directly related to the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day in an appropriate way.If you have oral problems, such as misplaced teeth, you should seek help from an expert. In addition to seeing a dentist at least once a year, it is better to wash your teeth every six months.

We can also prevent tooth decay by reducing the intake of certain foods, including acids, soda, sugar-free products, alcohol or tobacco.


Before, almost all the risk factors were related to malnutrition.At the clinical level, diet is considered as a therapeutic tool.Diet balance and health are very important.

An appropriate diet includes fruits, many vegetables, beans, cereals, vegetable oils, fish, a little meat, eggs, milk … and it avoids over – processing, sugar-free and inferior fats.

Lack of exercise

Like food, lack of physical exercise is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.In order to fight against it, all we have to do is go out more.If we don’t want to go out, at least let’s do some sports at home.

If you don’t have the conditions and time to go to the gym, then going out for a run every morning, or simply taking a walk, will also help your health.

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