Three magical uses of banana peel

Bananas, another legendary “king of fruit”, are delicious and cheap. 

Banana has proven numerous functions, deeply weight loss enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts love, but banana peel is also very good!

The benefits of bananas 

Bananas are rich in potassium and rank very high even compared to other fruits. Some studies have shown that the long-term stable consumption of bananas than the non-edible subjects, hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular disease incidence has a downward trend. 

In addition, eating bananas after exercise can quickly supplement potassium, prevent muscle fatigue and convulsions, but also supplement blood sugar, alleviate the possibility of vertigo. 

However, in addition to potassium rich in other elements of banana performance is not good, in which cellulose content is not as good as apples, oranges, pears, dragon fruit fiber content, so it may not help constipation. 

On the contrary, raw bananas in the “tannic acid” content is too high, eat too much will also constipation. 

However, using bananas instead of the various sugars added to baking is also a great choice.

Banana peel is not easy

See “not simple” three words, some friends will immediately come to mind anti-inflammatory pain, prevention and cure chapped, relieve beriberi, whitening acne, pick up banana skin to wipe on the face, feet. 

Although banana peel has a wonderful effect, it is far from what everyone thinks. 

1. Nutritious

Research data show that banana peel is indeed rich in vitamins: dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium. 

In particular, calcium and magnesium levels exceed 240 mg / 100g, which is higher than milk calcium content (110 mg / 100 ml). 

Looks good, can eat is certain, but it is said that banana peel is a very good feed, everyone feel free to try ah. 

2. Attract bugs

A study in the United States has shown that chlorophyll in bananas reacts during ripening, and the formation emits blue fluorescence under the irradiation of UV lights. Insects and bats that can see ultraviolet light will receive the wrong signal that “the meal is ready” and will come in droves. 

The story tells us that gluttonous people are easily fooled. 

3. Purified water

A Brazilian study has shown that chopped banana peels can be extracted to absorb non-metallic lead, copper, cadmium and chromium in water, and a banana peel can be reused 11 times. 

If this technology can be developed and the world’s population can provide raw materials, then the cost of clean water is expected to be greatly reduced in the future!

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