Sea cucumbers have anticancer effects? Can cancer patients eat sea cucumbers?

In the world, especially in Asia, sea cucumber is known as a very nutritious food, and ginseng, bird’s nest, abalone, shark fin and other food. 

Some people think that sea cucumber is not only rich in nutritional value, but also anti-cancer effect, can treat a variety of tumors. 

Can sea cucumber fight cancer, have anticancer effect? In fact, so far, sea cucumbers have no clear anticancer effect.

Sea cucumber anti-cancer no scientific support

We must understand that any so-called food anti-cancer does not have much effect. food or plants may contain certain anticancer substances, such as Taxus chinensis, but the general content is particularly low. A large amount of these “anticancer substances” need to be ingested in order to achieve the effect of anti-cancer. 

Some studies have shown that sea cucumber has mucopolysaccharide, saponins, peptides and other substances, may have a certain anticancer effect, the principle is to induce apoptosis of tumor cells, enhance immunity. 

These are derived from small in vitro trials, are not supported by a large number of experimental data, and no clinical trials have been carried out. 

In fact, the content of these so-called anticancer substances in sea cucumbers is very small, after cooking and human digestion and absorption, how much of these “anticancer” components are left is still unknown.

Although sea cucumbers have no significant anticancer effect, but the nutritional value of sea cucumbers is still very high, cancer patients can eat. 

Sea cucumber is rich in protein, and it is a high quality protein. it contains eight kinds of essential amino acids that can not be synthesized by the human body. among them, arginine and lysine are the most abundant, and the cholesterol and fat content of sea cucumber is decreased. 

Therefore, eating sea cucumbers can supplement protein and help restore healing after surgery, which is very good. 

Moreover, the trace elements in sea cucumber are relatively rich, especially the contents of calcium, vanadium, sodium, selenium and magnesium are high. 

Trace elements are also part of the body, and supplementation of trace elements is also conducive to good health.

Depending on your financial situation

Therefore, if the family economic conditions permit, cancer patients can eat sea cucumbers in moderation, in order to supplement nutrition, but it is not to say that sea cucumbers can fight cancer, if rely solely on sea cucumbers to fight cancer, that is not reliable. 

If you are allergic to seafood, after eating sea cucumbers will appear rash, itching, edema and other discomfort, then do not eat, but counterproductive. 

In addition, although sea cucumbers are rich in nutritional value, but compared with eggs, shrimp, fish, chicken and other protein-rich foods, there is no obvious advantage, but the price of sea cucumbers is very expensive. 

If from an economic point of view, eating eggs, fish and shrimp is more cost-effective, if your economic conditions are more general, I suggest you do not choose sea cucumbers, choose other protein-rich foods can achieve the same effect.

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