The benefits of eating banana peel for your skin

Google once; eat banana peel, do not throw away banana peel, etc. and you will see a number of articles that encourage eating the skin, because it would be extremely healthy. Banana peels would improve insomnia and depression, protect your heart and improve the vision of your eyes.

The problem is: there is hardly any scientific evidence for these claims. The only study showing the positive effects of banana peels was a study in which mice were injected with the extract from the peel; this worked as an anti-depressant. But to achieve the same, you have to consume quite a few peelings. And the question is whether you are hungry for that.

David Levitsky, professor of nutrition scientist and psychology (Cornell University): “People always look for the magical food, with the underlying idea that the root of happiness lies in food. Food is important, but it is not the magical answer to every problem. “

There are many interesting nutrients in the banana peel, but the quantities are small and there are also no studies showing that our body actually absorbs them. And besides that, banana peels just taste dirty: they are bitter and tough.

It is not easy to puree such a shell, provided you have a super high power blender. And no matter what continent you come to, there is no human being who eats the skin of the protein-rich fruit. It probably does not hurt too, if you wash the skin well. Banana peels contain a lot of pesticides, and if you do them daily through your smoothies, you might get a dose of it.

Anyway, the taste buds will not cheer when tasting a banana peel.

Banana peel against acne

For the skin, however, the peel can mean something, because it has antibacterial activity. And this can be useful if you suffer from acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring.

The banana peel contains the vitamins A, B, C and E. In terms of minerals, it contains zinc, manganese and iron, and this helps with inflammation. In addition, banana peel, as a natural cutin remover, can remove dirt from pores. The enzymes hydrate the skin, heal and prevent the formation of new acne. And the starch helps to get rid of excess pore-blocking sebum.

The peel of the unripe banana contains more antioxidants (polyphenols and carotenoids) than those of the matured banana.

Massage the skin over your skin

To use the banana peel, first clean your face. Then cut the skin into small pieces and use the skin to massage the skin. Use the inside of the peel, not the outside. Massage for about 10 minutes, but do it gently. If a piece of brown has become, just pick up the next piece.

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