One banana a day: eliminate your 7 diseases

Bananas are a very popular fruit in many developed countries, and eating one or two bananas a day can bring at least seven amazing effects.

Of all the fruits, bananas are considered to be the most “magical”. According to legend, Sakyamuni Buddha gained unlimited wisdom, because he once ate to maintain the habit of eating bananas, so bananas are also known as “intellectual fruit” by the ancients. “. 

Modern research also shows that eating a banana a day can help people live longer. 

Recently, on the Ta Kung Pao page in Hong Kong, a more comprehensive study of the health effects of bananas was conducted based on an analysis of nutrition experts in many countries around the world. Bananas have also been shown to be healthy fruit from the inside out, and bananas as a whole have many health benefits, including banana peels. 

Bananas are also the most popular fruit among the world’s famous athletes, and you need to add bananas to your family diet. 

There is a famous saying, eat a banana every day, the disease will have to stay away from you. This will help you better understand why bananas are highly appreciated by nutritionists.

Eating bananas can prevent seven diseases

1. Prevention of constipation. 

If you ask which fruit can prevent constipation, most people will recommend bananas. 

Because bananas are rich in fiber, they can help stimulate intestinal peristalsis, especially in the elderly. So, if you want to treat constipation, you should eat bananas every day. 

It is important to note that you should eat ripe bananas, not immature bananas. 

2. prevention of hypertension and stroke. 

Bananas contain a lot of potassium, as well as relatively low sodium, can inhibit the stress expansion of blood vessels, is an ideal food to lower blood pressure and prevent stroke. 

Scientists in the United States have confirmed that eating two bananas a week can help lower blood pressure and that if you eat more bananas, the risk of stroke death will be reduced by 40 percent. 

3, Antioxidant and immune enhancement. 

Bananas are rich in vitamins and have strong antioxidant capacity. Regular banana eaters can help your body boost your immunity, especially those who catch a cold in winter should maintain their daily banana eating habits, which will help you protect your body. Very effective. 

4. help prevent mental illness. 

Bananas are always referred to as “happy fruit,” and researchers in the Netherlands have determined that bananas are the most nutritious fruit to help you have a good mood. 

Bananas contain pantothenic acid and other ingredients, known as “happiness hormone”, it can relieve stress, reduce stress, improve attention, reduce depression, help bring happiness and happy feeling. 

In addition, eating bananas before you go to bed also has a sedative effect, making it easier for you to fall asleep. 

5. improve anemia. 

Bananas are an effective fruit for those who need to replenish their blood, especially women. 

Bananas are rich in iron and carotene, helping to produce hemoglobin in the blood and helping to alleviate other symptoms of anemia. 

6. eliminate heartburn. 

Bananas can protect the inner wall of the stomach while reducing gastric acid secretion, so people with stomach problems occasionally eat some bananas. 

However, according to traditional Chinese medicine, bananas are cold fruit, so you should not eat too much, which may lead to stomach chills. 

7. reduce all kinds of skin diseases. 

Bananas are rich in vitamin A, which can effectively maintain the health of skin and hair. 

In addition, banana peel helps reduce and eliminate skin ulcers.

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