Washing hands frequently is the best way to prevent colds

Recently, it is a period of high incidence of colds, many people feel that they have caught a cold for no reason. 

Some people say that gargling can “spit” out the pathogenic bacteria in the mouth; others say that as long as you go out and wear a mask, you can prevent colds. Which method is the most effective? 

In response, infectious disease experts and visiting professor of pharmacy at Hokkaido University of Science in Japan give the following suggestions. 

Hand washing is the most effective anti-cold strategy

“Cold viruses often lurk on doorknobs, handrails, tables, mobile phones and other things, and when we touch them, we get them on our hands. Generally speaking, every five minutes, people will unconsciously touch the face, the virus will take the opportunity to enter the mouth and nose. ” 

Ideally, wash your hands before and after touching the item, but it’s hard to do so, so be sure to wash your hands at least once when you get home and before eating. 

If you don’t have soap, you can use hand sanitizer. Of course, hasty hand washing certainly has no disease prevention significance, easy to ignore fingertips, finger seams, thumbs, wrists should also be thoroughly cleaned. 

The anti-cold effect of mouthwash can be ranked second

A study by Kyoto University in Japan found that within a month, the incidence of colds among people who did not gargle was 26 percent, while the incidence among those who gargled with clear water fell to 17 percent. 

The reason it is weaker than washing hands is that gargling can wash away the cold virus from the oral mucosa, but the virus can enter the cell in as soon as 20 minutes. 

Gargling with clean water is enough, otherwise it may destroy the normal flora in the mouth that prevents harmful microorganisms from invading. Gargle four or five times a day. 

What is the anti-cold effect of a mask? 

In a crowded crowd, wearing a mask is better than not wearing it, but the ordinary cotton mask is not very effective, and the N95 mask must be used. 

The mask has a filtration efficiency of 95% and prevents droplet infection caused by body fluids or blood spatter.

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