What is the current situation of cannabis industry in china?

It is said that the purpose of the use of cannabis by many beverage companies is to develop health-focused beverages that can relieve inflammation, pain and cramps.

What is the current situation of cannabis industry in china?

Cannabis can be divided into industrial marijuana and recreational marijuana according to their uses. According to the 2014 China Agricultural Statistics Yearbook, China has the largest area of industrial cannabis cultivation, accounting for about half of the world.

One of the reasons cannabis is listed as a drug is that it contains a large amount of psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC ), which can play a hallucinogenic role. The THC content of industrial hemp is less than 0.3%, and its contained cannabidiol ( CBD ) has extremely high medicinal value ( can treat depression, epilepsy and other diseases ). Currently, CBD is used as the raw material for the 4 cannabis drugs approved for listing by the United States and the European Union.

There is a huge difference in the cultivation conditions required between the two: the narcotic marijuana is mostly grown in greenhouses, while the industrial marijuana is mostly grown in fields, which can adapt to various climatic environments. In addition, industrial marijuana is used in fields including textile, paper making, food, medicine, health and so on. It was approved by the World Health Organization at the end of 2017 and listed on the international list as an uncontrolled substance.

According to the records on medicalmarijuanainc, there are currently 115 kinds of marijuana that can relieve or treat diseases, and all countries are carrying out experiments on medical marijuana. In China, the cultivation and processing of marijuana need to be approved by the local public security bureau.

Since October 17, 2018, Canada has become the second country to legalize ” recreational marijuana”. Since then, Coca – Cola and Heineken have started to lay out the hemp industry chain from the beverage and beer industries. According to the January 2019 report of the soochow securities Institute, four leading manufacturers of medical marijuana will start IPO in 2018, and capital will continue to flow in.

Specifically, the market potential of cannabis drinks is huge. Coca – Cola negotiates cross-border cooperation with cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis. Corona brewer Constellation Brands invested $ 4 billion in Cannabis Growth. Bank of montreal canada invests 175 million us dollars in marijuana producer Canopy Growth Corp According to Arcview, a market research institution, legal marijuana sales in North America reached 9.2 billion US dollars in 2017.

It is said that these companies aim to develop health-focused beverages that can relieve inflammation, pain and spasm. For Coca – Cola, its operating income began to decline in 2012, with its operating profit reaching 7.501 billion US dollars last year, down 13% year on year. In this era of advocating ” natural” drinks, Coca – Cola faces more intense competition. How to make ” healthy” drinks that meet the needs of the public? Non – psychoactive CBD, i.e. functional marijuana beverage, may be an export.

In fact, Health Canada has issued a draft regulation to legalize marijuana food. From October 17, 2019, Canada will officially allow marijuana food to circulate in the market ( limit the content of THC and CBD in food ). A few days ago, the European Parliament voted on a resolution on a marijuana proposal aimed at encouraging European countries to increase access to medical marijuana, giving priority to scientific research and clinical research.

From a macro perspective, although Jilin is the third province to liberalize industrial cannabis cultivation, it is a positive policy signal. However, as a strictly regulated industry as a whole, although the secondary market has reacted strongly, the supply and later circulation depend entirely on the attitude of supervision. It’s too early to tell.

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