Often go to bed after 12:00 in the evening how much harm does it have to the body?

One third of our life is spent on sleeping. If a person can live to be 78 years old, then 26 of them are used for sleeping. Why do we need such a long sleep time?

This is because the loss of brain function after learning and working activities will far exceed its recovery rate, showing tiredness, yawning, decreased working ability, etc.

Take the mechanism of brain fatigue as an example. During brain activity, energy substances such as adenosine triphosphate and high-energy phosphate compounds are decomposed and consumed while being synthesized and recovered.

The change trend of these two processes depends on the intensity and duration of cortical functional activities. High intensity and long-term cortical functional activities will lead to decomposition and consumption faster and more than synthesis and recovery.

Once the functional consumption exceeds the functional limit of nerve cells, protective inhibition will occur in cerebral cortex. Our rest and sleep are manifestations of protective inhibition. if we go to bed too late, it will affect the recovery of brain function.

Ensuring good rest and sleep is one of the best ways to keep healthy.

We need to pay attention to sleep quality

The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer has such an interesting sentence:

“Sleep is the interest we pay on the capital we recoup at the time of death: the higher the interest rate, the more timely the payment is, and the later the date of payment is pushed. Once our sleep interest is not paid on time or at insufficient interest rates, it can be harmful to our health and get closer and closer to the recovery of all our capital at the time of death. ”

Sleep, that is, the interest that needs to be paid to live, “high interest rate” can be understood to ensure sufficient time, “pay on time” can be understood as not staying up late, early to bed and early to rise. In this way, the moment of termination of life and recovery of capital can be postponed.

We know that the normal child’s sleep time is 10 hours, and the average adult should meet eight hours. Lack of sleep or insomnia will seriously affect the synthesis and recovery of the brain. And the brain is a person’s CPU, once the brain’s rest and recovery can not be satisfied, all parts of the body will have problems.

  • First of all, people’s overall immunity will decline, more vulnerable to infection or illness. 
  • Secondly, it is particularly prone to endocrine disorders, leading to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and so on. 
  • It also has harmful effects on digestive system, such as gastroesophageal reflux, gallbladder disease and so on. 
  • It can also have an impact on skin conditions, making the human body more vulnerable to seborrheic dermatitis, and even lead to a decline in vision. 
  • In addition, in terms of mental and emotional aspects, people who do not get enough sleep are more likely to be forgetful, tired, anxious, and depressed. Finally, when the various system parts of the human body have problems one after another, which means that the final human life expectancy is shortened.

In addition to adequate sleep time, it is also very important to ensure the quality of sleep. 

In fact, the sleep cycle consists of a non-rapid eye movement cycle and a rapid eye movement cycle. The non-rapid eye movement cycle is divided into four stages: light sleep, middle sleep and deep sleep. people’s nocturnal sleep is generally divided into 5 to 6 cycles, each sleep cycle is about 60 minutes to 90 minutes. 

The shallow sleep period and light sleep period, which account for about 55% of the total sleep time, have little effect on relieving fatigue, but only the middle sleep period, deep sleep period and rapid eye movement sleep period, which enter the deep sleep state, have a greater effect on relieving fatigue. 

That’s why we’re talking about ensuring the quality of sleep. 

Nowadays, because of all kinds of life needs, people will live with roommates, family members and so on. Especially in the dormitory, because of the work and rest rules, living habits and other personal differences, many people complain that their sleep quality has been greatly affected. 

In the face of this situation, you should first try to establish good communication. In the case of can not change the external environment, we should try to control their anxiety, impatience, and take means to isolate the factors that are not conducive to their own sleep, such as wearing earplugs, blindfolds, the use of shading curtains and other measures.

Why are you having trouble sleeping?

  • Eat too much before bed: eat too much before bed, too much water, will increase the burden on the body, the brain rest, but the body is still working overtime, of course, can not rest well;
  • Sleep time choose wrong: the brain has its own biological clock, in the dark night, pineal gland secretion melatonin to promote sleep, generally at the peak of secretion from 22:00 to 3: 00 a.m., if there is activity during this period, it will affect the brain rest;
  • Other distractions: dreaming during sleep, easy to wake up, shallow sleep, noise interference, anxiety and depression, etc., will reduce the depth and continuity of sleep, but also leave the brain without rest.

The above reasons contribute to sleep difficulties.

Shaping Better Sleep

Pillow selection:

  • If the pillow is too high, it will compress the airway and force the neck to lean forward, making the neck muscles sore.
  • If the pillow is too low, the neck will droop backward, the neck bone will bend excessively, and muscle soreness will also be caused.

Appropriate pillow height, and the pillow down to the shoulder, support the integrity of the neck natural bending, can minimize the weight of neck muscles and bones, let the neck rest.

Suggest sleeping sideways

Many people like to sleep in a prone position. As a person who is used to sleeping on the side, I have tried lying on my stomach before, only to feel that my chest is too heavy to breathe.

As a matter of fact, when lying prone, the nasal cavity is not smoothly ventilated, and the weight of the body will indeed exert pressure on the thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity, which will not only affect the natural respiration of people, but also affect digestive organs such as gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, it is very obvious that when people are prone to sleep, they are more likely to inhale dust and dust mites on the pillowcase, and the face will be oppressed for a long time, resulting in the generation of facial skin folds and wrinkles.

Therefore, in addition to a small number of people who can only adopt the prone position for special reasons, it is recommended that everyone adopt the lateral or supine sleeping position, which is healthier than the prone position.

For pregnant women, it is especially recommended that mothers take the left side lying position and pad more pillows properly. This will not only help the baby adjust the posture conducive to smooth delivery in the uterus, but also help the pregnant woman reduce the pressure on the abdominal cavity and back.


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