Why do different foods affect your mood?

When you are in a bad mood, your friends may recommend a good meal, and after eating, you will find yourself full of strength and not in such a bad mood. 

In the face of the same problem, after eating, you have the confidence to face it. 

So, why is that? Food affects your mood?

Food that makes you feel better

  • Whole grain. 
  • Vegetables. 
  • Fruits. 
  • Marine fish. 

I know something about food nutrition and don’t eat foods that are high in fat and sugar, but what should I eat to ease my negative emotions? 

The effect of food on mood lies in the fact that some components of food can change the concentration of certain neurotransmitters in the blood. Some of the nutrients in the food are the precursors of these neurotransmitters. 

  • Vitamin B1, B6 and folic acid can relieve depression; 
  • Pantothenic acid and vitamin C can reduce stress, nicotinic acid and vitamin D can calm emotion and eliminate anxiety. 
  • Calcium is beneficial to calm the mood; 
  • Iron helps to overcome tension and anxiety; 
  • Zinc can inhibit melancholy and improve people’s attention; 
  • Magnesium has a certain tranquilizing and anti-melancholy effect. 

Think about it. when you’re freaking out about your job, your colleague hands you a piece of whole wheat bread and says, “eat it, and you’ll be in a better mood.” 

It is true. Whole wheat bread, sweet potato, brown rice, germ rice and other foods, rich in carbohydrates and B vitamins, can maintain the stability of the nervous system, increase energy metabolism, help to combat stress, is a good food for anti-depression. 

Vegetables and fruits also have credit, which contains rich vitamins, phytochemicals can improve the chemical properties of the brain, so that the brain to maintain a good working state. 

  • Often eat lotus seeds, lotus root, jujube, longan and so on to alleviate anxiety and depression; 
  • A variety of sour fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can alleviate negative emotions; 
  • Red foods such as tomatoes are a natural gift to improve anxiety; 
  • Bananas, melons, pineapples contain an amino acid that can help the human body produce “happiness hormones” to help people overcome mental depression, ease tension and so on. 

Another interesting thing is that pink food makes people feel warm, orange food stimulates appetite, red food makes people excited, green food can stabilize emotions, and so on. 

Eating fish can also help, and studies have shown that most people around the world who live by the sea are happier and healthier.Marine fish, such as salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovies and so on, contain some fatty acids that are beneficial to improving mood, especially omega-3 fatty acids, which can block the nerve conduction pathway, increase serotonin secretion and alleviate people’s psychological anxiety. 

Some people like to eat a piece of chocolate when they are stressed, but it makes sense. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate with more cocoa, is the “nemesis” of melancholy. Chocolate contains a phenylethylamine substance, the “love hormone” produced in the brains of lovers in love, which can promote the growth of good emotions.

Food that makes you feel bad

  • Fried chicken drumsticks. 
  • French fries. 
  • Dessert. 
  • ….

In a bad mood, eat sweets, eat a big meal, the moment is “good”, but in the long run, not only can not make you happy, but have the opposite effect. 

When some people feel angry, they like to eat food that bites crispy, as if all the unhappiness can be resolved into this “click” sound, as a physical way to relieve the pressure.? 

But, in fact, if you think about it, from a nutritional point of view, the crispy food we can eat is often high in fat, high in calories, and addictive to eating. 

For example, crispy potato chips, a variety of dried fruits and vegetables, crispy biscuits and so on, although the taste is very good, but the production process used a lot of oil, so, for this kind of food, it is better to eat less! 

For example, when you are satisfied with a full meal of “junk” food, but often wake up the next day with an anonymous sense of frustration, perhaps this is the side effect of this full meal, add to the trouble. 

Others, unhappy, go to eat fried chicken legs, French fries. I want to say to these people, maybe your tongue will like the delicacies, but your brain doesn’t. 

Fried foods are rich in saturated fatty acids, and it takes a long time for the intestines and stomach to digest, turning the blood that should be supplied to the brain to the digestive system, causing the brain to react more slowly and lose concentration. Therefore, at any time, we do not recommend that we eat a lot of fried food. 

Moreover, too much high-fat food can lead to higher cholesterol in the body, slowing down blood flow, and the body does not have enough oxygen to support the normal functioning of the brain and body organs. As a result, you can easily feel tired, sleepy, etc., can not lift the spirit, but also may cause vascular sclerosis, and then rise high blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure is an important cause of emotional instability. 

“well, how about something sweet? “it may seem that the mouth satisfies the desire for food, but when sugar breaks down in the human body to produce energy, it produces metabolites such as pyruvate and lactic acid, which are broken down by enzymes containing vitamin B1, once vitamin B1 is insufficient. Metabolite savings in the human body, will make people’s emotions appear inexplicable anger, impulse, capriciousness and other bad emotions, so usually should eat less.

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