10 simple ways to help you stay away from colds

10 simple ways to help you stay away from colds

You don’t want to have a runny nose, a fever, and a debilitating cold, but it seems like you catch a cold every once in a while, like a curse.

The best way to keep a cold away from you is to have a good habit of living, not to study medicine.

Here are 10 simple ways doctors and nutritionists can help you prevent colds.

10 simple ways to help you stay away from colds
10 simple ways to help you stay away from colds

Ventilate rooms regularly

If everybody already knows about regular cleaning, we sometimes neglect airing. Especially in offices, where the function of cleaning the air from bacteria is often assigned to modern devices such as air conditioners.

Family doctor Daria Demikhova explains: “Don’t believe the advertising promises! Despite the inscription “supernanofilter”, the air conditioner will not clean the office air of bacteria.

If one of the employees has a cold, it is necessary to ventilate the room.

Keep warm

“Often the cause of a cold is cold and damp. “Put on a hat, or you’ll get sick” – a familiar phrase?

Cold air itself does not contain any viruses – you cannot get sick from it. In addition, in the external environment, most of them are unviable – they die from the effects of ultraviolet light and other factors”, – explains the immunologist-allergist Ivan Stroilov. Viral infections develop only after contact with a sick person. And not everyone gets sick – everything depends on the state of your body’s immune system.

The main danger of hypothermia is the violation of the immune status and reduction of the barrier functions of the mucous membranes.

Take bioadditives in vitamin D

Marina Sutaeva, a BeautyHack columnist, explains: “While we believed in the anti-influenza and immunomodulatory properties of vitamin C and threw an ascorbic acid in the dosage of 1000 mg for prophylaxis, scientists in Japan found out that vitamin D in this case will be more powerful. It has been proven that the lower its level in the body, the more often you will catch cold. But in conditions of lack of sunlight, it is impossible to stock up on the necessary amount of vitamin D from foodstuffs (although it is contained in fish, avocado, eggs, dairy products, liver).

The most real way to improve health is to take bioadditives. “This is even recommended by WHO.

Don’t forget about vitamin C

Divided, frequent consumption of organic vitamin C helps to avoid colds or eliminate them at an early stage. It normalizes the immune system by participating in the formation of interferon (a protein that is synthesized by viral attack). Look for it in sauerkraut, blackcurrant, citrus, cranberry. “Don’t have the illusion that you can find vitamin C fresh on the shelves in the shops. All the tables on its content in the products are made at the time the fruit is picked from the tree. No one will ever think of checking how much vitamin C is left in stored fruit and vegetables. That’s why I’m in favour of supplements, i.e. organic vitamin C”, says nutritionist Julia Daszewski.

Eat food with vitamin A

“Normalize the general condition of the body and increase immunity. Vitamin A deficiency may be indicated by sleep disturbance, muscle spasms, enlarged pupils, seizures,” explains nutritionist Irina Pisareva. To prevent these symptoms and health deterioration in general, add tomatoes, buckwheat, dairy products, cabbage, kale and apricots to your diet.

Do not neglect fruits and vegetables

Zozh-blogger Oksana Tire allocates several necessary products. The First is pomegranate: “Pomegranate contains A huge amount of vitamins, minerals and microelements: B6, C, B12, PP, E, F, tannins (have excellent antimicrobial properties), natural amino acids, iron. Regular use of pomegranate strengthens immunity and promotes normalization of cardio-vascular system. “

Also feel free to get stocks of sea Buckthorn: “Powerful immunostimulant with rich vitamin composition. The Main plus of berries-they are long stored and retain their properties after heat treatment in fact on 100%».

Choosing vegetables, on the shelves of shops look for eggplant and cauliflower: “Eggplant-a source of fiber, pectin, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, V. Juice of vegetable has an antiseptic effect (in the season of colds-irreplaceable quality). A Cauliflower is a real champion among vegetables in the content of bioin-a substance that reduces inflammatory processes.

Do not sit on a strict diet

Winter and the beginning of spring are not the best time for express diets and detox fasting. Lack of sunlight, restrictions in nutrition-all this adversely affects not only our appearance, but also health. In the cold season our body is rebuilt to produce and conserve heat, and this requires additional energy (about 400 calories). Therefore, do not be afraid to increase the calorie of the daily diet by 15-20% and pay attention to what you eat if you are all the time to be cold.

Wash Your hands

To Prevent the spread of infection is not so easy, but the immunologist Amin Zagidov assures that you can not neglect even the simplest ways: “Wash your hands More often, don’t touch your mouth, eyes and nose until you clean your hands.”

Go to the bath

Hot Steam promotes pore opening and leaching of microorganisms, high temperature increases blood circulation, and it allows to purify blood. In addition, the development of leukocytes, performing a protective function.

Go to bed in time

The Functioning of the immune system depends directly on the sleep-wake mode and nutrition. These Two factors are very important. Their importance is Explained simply: for normal functioning of immune cells (as well as any other) the “building material” which comes together with food is necessary. They are updated during sleep, and if it is not enough, the factory fails. Night Sleep is Important-the formation of cells in the bone marrow occurs during this period. This is reported by Rambler.

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