The gold we use today is all from the universe that fell to the earth

The gold we use today is all from the universe that fell to the earth

Scientists say gold fell from the sky that year. Their total amount is much more than the reserves of central banks combined today, because the earth has experienced unbearable pain because of this gold.

-wait! Let’s be realistic. Are you kidding me?

The gold we use today is all from the universe that fell to the earth
The gold we use today is all from the universe that fell to the earth

No, this is really not a joke, it is a scientific research achievement published by scientists in the top scientific journal Nature [ 1 ].

What about the earth’s own gold? We all know that gold is the treasure of the earth from childhood to adulthood. how are you now? can you tell me that the earth itself does not produce gold?

Of course. There is no reason why the earth does not produce gold!

It’s just that we didn’t touch it. In other words, all the gold we use so far comes from the sky, while the gold from the earth’s mainland is still kept intact in the underground ” treasure house”.

Where is this treasure house? In the deepest part of the planet, it is a purgatory where life cannot survive at all. Strong iron can be melted into iron soup.


It doesn’t matter, I know it takes a little time to understand. After all, gold, how can it be called gold without stunning people? Before we are completely dazed by the glittering facts, please seize the last sober moment and learn about the origin behind this story which subverts common sense.

The earth’s own gold has long been stored in the deepest place

The earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago. In the initial chaotic era, there were no eight planets in the solar system, only gas and countless small and messy dust. They flew wildly around the sun, their orbits crisscrossed, collided and fused. At the scale of millions of years, it gradually increased and eventually formed the subsequent planets.

Aggregation of dust into a planet is an intense energy conversion process. The kinetic energy of dust flying at high speed is converted into internal energy during collision, releasing high temperature, thus melting itself, and then welding together, getting larger and larger. When the prototype of the planet is gradually formed, its huge gravity will attract more gas, dust and small celestial bodies to its surface. When the latter smashed down, it also contributed all its kinetic energy to the planet’s internal energy.

This huge internal energy will eventually fill the entire planet with extremely high temperatures at which even solid rocks will melt. At that time, the earth was a sea of magma. Dust and small celestial bodies that flew in during the process of planetary polymerization disintegrated one after another and melted into this pool of magma in the universe.

Since it is a liquid, the substance in it will move under the control of gravity and buoyancy. When the volumes are equal, the matter with greater density will have greater mass, thus being subjected to stronger gravity, overcoming its own buoyancy and moving to the depths of the planet (gravity center); Correspondingly, when the masses are equal, the matter with smaller density will have a larger volume and be subjected to greater buoyancy, thus tending to float to the surface of the magma sea.

Of course, this is only the simplest way to sort out the complex dynamics in the magma sea. Although the mechanism of action of these two forces is too simple, it eventually brings a macroscopic evolution trend to the whole planet: heavy matter is more and more enriched in the depths of the earth, light matter is more and more enriched in the surface of the earth, and over time, stratification appears in the magma sea of the earth. When the temperature gradually cools and the substances begin to crystallize, this layered feature is solidified into the ring structure of the planet.

This is the differentiation of planets and the necessary process for spherical celestial bodies to form the inner ring structure.

Besides, return to the gold everyone likes. Although gold is not the main element that makes up the earth, the amount of gold brought with it at the beginning of the earth’s formation was considerable. Some studies have suggested that the gold reserves on the earth are about 16 trillion billion tons. How much gold is there? Let’s put it in a more intuitive way-the gold is almost enough to cover the entire surface of the earth with a layer of gold armour half a meter thick.

Unfortunately, as a relatively dense element, gold has to follow the laws of planetary differentiation. In the early days when the earth was still a pool of magma, so much gold sank to the deepest part of the earth along with iron and never saw the light of day again.

According to this principle, there will be no gold enrichment on the earth’s surface.

This is obviously not the truth we see today. As long as we want to see it, we can easily find gold (but it is hard to say what does not belong to you, haha). If the gold of the earth sinks into the earth’s depths with the great difference of the planets in the original period, why can we still dig so much gold on the earth’s surface today?

In fact, there is a very simple and direct plan that can make the earth’s surface still full of golden brilliance after all the gold of the earth itself ” sinks”.

Do you think of what it is?

Yes, just let gold fall from the sky.

The gold of the universe hits the earth

The reason is very simple: as the differentiation of planets is gradually completed, the magma sea of the earth gradually cools down, the surface layer gradually solidifies into lithosphere, and then the incoming asteroids-as long as the tonnage is not too large, don’t smash through the surface, then all the materials they carry can smoothly stay on the surface.

However, some conditions must be met. For example, the earth must stop for a while after the magma sea solidifies. Otherwise, if asteroids continue to deliver internal energy to the earth at high frequencies, the earth’s surface will not solidify so fast. Later, gold flying from outer space will still plunge into the magma chamber and eventually sink to the depths of the earth.

Therefore, if we want to have gold to dig today, then the earth needs to have a time difference-a relatively calm time difference between the differentiation and the impact again.

The planetary differentiation of the earth occurred 4.6-4.5 billion years ago. From this point in time until 3.8 billion years ago, the 800 million years in between were called the Hadean. The etymology of Pluto comes from Hades, the king of the underworld. You don’t have to think about it. This period of time must have been like hell.

But the purgatory of 800 million years in the underworld was not full of earth-sky collisions. According to the celestial body evolution model and the actual dating statistics of meteorite craters, scientists found that the frequency of collision in the Pluto obviously has two peaks: the first peak occurred in the early period of the Pluto 46-45, which is the star aggregation period just mentioned above. There would have been no formation of the eight planets without this crazy meteorite strike and aggregation in the early Proterozoic. The largest impactor of this period can be as big as Mars and fall on the earth head-on, which is very terrible.

The key is the second peak. It appeared in the late Proterozoic 4.2-3.8 billion years ago. At this time, the eight planets have been formed for hundreds of millions of years and the earth has already solidified. But scientists found that during this period, asteroid meteorite strike activity suddenly intensified. The earth itself has no geological record of this matter-our earth’s geological activities are too active, and all the earth’s surface was destroyed long ago. On the contrary, our satellite moon, due to the stagnation of surface geological processes, successfully recorded everything at that time. If you look at the moon with a telescope today, you will find that its surface is covered with many meteorite craters, causing people to suffer from intense phobias. These meteorite craters were almost formed during this period 4.2 billion-3.8 billion years ago.

The cause of the meteorite strike is still controversial. The mainstream opinion is that the giant planets headed by Jupiter have adjusted their positions during this period of time, flying out of their original orbits (not wandering! )。 Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Its body mass and hands can easily tear the earth apart. When it adjusts its orbit, the messy debris on the way naturally fails to qualify for blocking the way and is easily thrown off by its gravity and flies into the inner belt of the solar system at a high speed. These dense small celestial bodies are like bombs to the earth, like meteorite shower, like saturated attacks by bombers. As a result, this dense meteorite strike occurred in the late Proterozoic era, and it has a vivid name-late heavy bombing.

In the past, when we mentioned heavy bombing in the later period, we often said three words about its greatest gift-water. In fact, the bombs thrown in by Jupiter are ” dirty snowballs” one by one, with water as the main ingredient. Countless dirty snowballs live on the earth’s surface to form a circle-the blue ocean as we know it.

Dirty snowballs bring more than water. The water melted and the dirt remained. What are these dirty things? All kinds of primitive rock components, all kinds of elemental compounds, of course, there are also many valuable goods-such as gold.

This is the end of the story. Looking back on the meteorite strike, you may feel that the painting style has changed: Mingming ran towards a saturated bombing that hit your earth to the point where it was scarred, and the result turned into ” give some gold with one blow”. Finally, nothing happened to the earth. Gold and water were left behind.

This is the worst time, but it is also the best time. From then on, the earth was covered with blue ocean, carrying bright gold, and entered the following billions of years without attack, bombing or even light.

The gold of the universe, the gold of the earth, the gold of civilization

This is the origin of the gold we touch on the surface of the earth.

Gold, element 79 of the periodic table, exists in the form of trace elements in the material composition of the solar system, and its chemical properties are extremely stable, so it cannot be used as an energy source for biosphere. In other words, life does not need it. Since life came onto the earth stage after the Proterozoic, element 79 has remained as humble as ever. It is neither a source of energy nor a dangerous substance, and which creature will pay attention to it. The impurity of the earth, is it delicious? It’s not delicious. Then go away.

No one expected that after 3.8 billion years, this ever-growing biosphere gave birth to wisdom.

This wisdom is social wisdom, which must face two propositions of scarcity and diversity at the same time. Scarcity makes people eager to keep value. However, pluralism is mainly reflected in the division of labor. People need coordination and interaction between different divisions of labor and overall distribution of different resources.

Therefore, for the first time, a brand-new appeal came into being in the biosphere. They need an appropriate symbol to quantify scarcity and diversity. In order to demonstrate, to settle accounts, to trade, to do everything, to continue and prosper in the end.

As a result, a stable substance with little content entered their field of vision. Element 79, the impurity of the earth, has a brand-new name from now on: currency.

Each of us will look at gold with our own values and preferences, but it is probably undeniable that in the process of civilization, it did play, played and will continue to play an important role that belongs only to it. Beyond civilization, it is whispers and a treasure in the center of the earth. It sounds as if they are all areas that people cannot touch. But it doesn’t matter, where there is gold, it will eventually arouse people’s desire to explore and exploit. The function of gold is to express value, while the meaning of development is to create value.

However, in the process of creating value, please don’t dream of such beautiful things as gold falling from the sky, because it fell billions of years ago!

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