Why is folding screen mobile phones not cheap?

Developing a new technology is not cheap.

At present, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, and even rouyu’s Royole FlexPai foldable phones have been officially released. although most foldable screen phones are not yet available on a large scale, their high price has become a reality.

Mobile phones under 10,000 yuan have become a thing of the past, and the price of more than 15,000 yuan has exceeded the psychological expectations of consumers. Although it is the first generation, its high technical difficulty and high cost have been shown in the eyes of the world.

Why is folding screen mobile phones not cheap?
Why is folding screen mobile phones not cheap?

Whether this miraculous selling price and miraculous product can become the new engine of the next mobile phone industry is unknown to us, and the market will have an answer. But this article will focus on why folding screen phones are not cheap, and talk about whether you can wait for the wool of the folding screen era.

Limited rate of return

For the entire display technology industry, the road from laboratory innovation research to the appearance of consumer hardware products is long and slow. Complex hardware and expensive manufacturing process require a large amount of upfront investment, billions of dollars. Once large-scale manufacturing starts, manufacturing output will limit the feasibility and profitability of new technologies. Even a panel with a bad point cannot leave the factory.

At the same time, the technology is uncontrollable, repeat the research, after the failure, the mobile phone manufacturers will bear the cost of the research. The complexity of the environment may bring changes to this market after most consumers get the folding screen mobile phone products. These uncontrollable acts have limited the yield of their products and made them expensive.

OLED screen is a brand-new trend in the current smartphone manufacturing industry. Before it is commercially feasible, it has been tested and produced on a small scale for many years. Many companies have tried to use OLED, but few have started selling folded products. For many years, Samsung has been lowering the selling price of OLED screens to compete with LCD.

Although OLED screen panels with flexible substrates have been in existence for several years, they are not designed as curved as Samsung Galaxy Fold, but packaged in glass, as we have seen in Galaxy S series, or iPhone, with OLED panels installed under the glass.

With the changes in the market, more marketing and new technologies are needed to promote the personalization of mobile phones, and flexible curved OLED screens are gradually emerging.

At present, foldable design needs to improve panel durability, but there is no protection provided by glass cover. Thin plastic substrates need to undergo tests that bend thousands of times without creases or failures. Under such harsh conditions, they are naturally difficult to produce.

Apart from the screen technology itself, the final manufacturing output of foldable products will be far lower than that of traditional smart phones. In addition to the screen, the complicated hinge design between the two screens is one of the difficult factors in manufacturing Samsung Galaxy Fold and other foldable mobile phones. therefore, the high price of such mobile phones cannot be completely caused by technology. low output and various designs are all the key factors in their selling price.

Exclusivity and Control

In front of technology, this is a factor that has to be considered. In the mobile phone manufacturing industry, exclusivity has always existed. For example, Samsung has been delaying the supply of iPhone X screens, while Apple has gradually increased its manufacturing output to consumers through various suppliers.

The manufacturers of display screens such as BOE, Samsung, Tianma, LG, JDI and Shenchao are few and far between. Among the several foldable products released this time, they are all in small-scale mass production. At least until the end of the year, the shipment of OLED curved surfaces will not be known. However, for the time being, manufacturers who have mastered OLED folding technology will not directly give the display screen to other mobile phone manufacturers at the original price.

Promoting innovation is an encouraging move for these supply chain manufacturers and mobile phone terminal manufacturers. However, the world is different. Even in the games, athletes from the two countries will compete. Such a competition mode will bring about great technological innovation in the whole world.

No matter Samsung or Huawei, they will always control the market competitiveness of OLED folding screen products and will become the biggest weight for their company to survive.

Is the price too high?

We need to admit that both Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X are inflated prices, which will cost a lot more.

In marketing, such exaggerated product specifications can make more consumers pay for it. Digital products are all time consumables. In the future, the selling price of these two products will be reduced. The market will also have an end result. Which product is more popular is the real thing in the market. At that time, you can pluck up the wool, which is also very good.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business and senior vice president of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., said in an interview after the February press conference that in a few years, it is recommended to purchase foldable mobile phones with Huawei equipment below US $ 1,000.

He said: ” With the passage of time, we will be able to push it down to below 1,000 euros. To this end, we need one to two years. Later, it may be in the range of 500 euros. “

However, as far as new technologies such as 5G and folding screens are concerned, the selling price will not keep rising. For example, Xiaomi has released a 599 euro 5G Xiaomi MIX 3 cell phone, which proves that 5G technology itself is not necessarily exclusive, does not need foldable equipment, and the selling price is also very appropriate.

We hope that these mobile phone manufacturers can bring more new technology products and high cost-effective mobile devices. One day, technology will affect the new development of the mobile phone era.

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