Cooking rice with soybean milk or milk is more nutritious

Rice is one of the most common staple foods in the world, usually rice is steamed or boiled in water. In fact, cooking with milk and soybean milk is not only more delicious, but also improves the nutritional value.

Cooking rice with soybean milk or milk is more nutritious
Cooking rice with soybean milk or milk is more nutritious

Soymilk instead of water for cooking is an excellent way to increase nutrition and taste.

Soymilk is rich in high-quality protein and can supplement lysine that rice lacks. At the same time, rice contains about 7% ~ 8% protein, and methionine contained therein can make up for the deficiency of soybean milk.

After the soybean milk is poured into the washed rice, stir it. When cooking, the amount of soybean milk is more than the amount of water.

200 grams of rice, if boiled in water, add 260 ml. If you cook with soya-bean milk, you have to use 300ml.

Soymilk used for cooking must be relatively thin. If the concentration of soybean milk is too high, it can be diluted with water.

Milk is rich in calcium and amino acids. Cooking rice with milk can greatly improve the nutritional value of rice.

However, you need to use diluted milk to cook rice instead of directly using milk to cook rice, because the rice cooked with diluted milk will be softer and easier to chew.

In addition to cooking, soybean milk and milk can be used to replace water for many noodles and dishes, such as egg custard or soup.

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