996.ICU is blacklisted by browsers of many Chinese companies

996.ICU project is a project set up by an anonymous person on Github. The name of the project pokes fun at a popular work system in IT in recent years.

996 refers to the working system of working at 9 o’clock in the morning, leaving work at 9 o’clock in the evening, taking one hour’s rest at noon and night, totaling more than 10 hours, and working for 6 days in week.

It really reflects the reality that many employees are overworked and die in their jobs under the modern overtime system.

The Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China has repeatedly stressed that the extension of working hours shall not exceed three hours per day, but shall not exceed Thirty-Six Hours per month, provided that the health of workers is guaranteed.

Many domestic IT enterprises are forced to work overtime voluntarily in order to achieve their performance under the threat of labor remuneration and performance pay.

Moreover, since some enterprises began to implement this work system in 2010, especially in the recent economic downturn, more and more enterprises require employees to provide unpaid overtime as an enterprise culture, which seriously violates several laws and regulations in the labor law. On the contrary, some enterprises are not even ashamed but proud.

On April 2, China Youth Daily published an article in support of 996.ICU project under the headline: “Young people trapped by 996 are like machines that set alarm clocks.”

However, after the project has 150,000 Star, 996.ICU has been marked as a dangerous page by some browsers in China recently, and behind these browsers is China’s core IT enterprise.

At present, some netizens have tested that 996.ICU pages cannot be accessed normally by basic mainstream domestic browsers in China, and mainstream browsers such as Edge, Firefox and Chrome are not affected at present.

Netizens Reflect Blocked Connections:


China Youth Daily publishes relevant articles:


Typical enterprises marked in “996.ICU”:


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